"That was a moment" – Tommy Dreamer recalls time he hit a piledriver on his wife

Tommy Dreamer is an ECW legend.
Tommy Dreamer is an ECW legend.
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Former WWE Superstar Tommy Dreamer spoke about his breakout moments in the professional wrestling industry during a recent edition of Busted Open.

Starting in Extreme Championship Wrestling in the early 90s, Dreamer found success in the promotion, winning their World Heavyweight Championship. Dreamer also spent a long time working for WWE, both in an in-ring capacity and backstage as a producer.

Dreamer recently talked about his big break in the industry on The Masters' Class. While detailing the moment, Dreamer explained he had difficulty getting over as a babyface. The moment that truly resonated with the ECW fans came when he piledrove his wife Beulah McGillicutty and struck his iconic pose for the first time:

"My moment was when I piledrove Beulah and I hit my pose, and I'm bloody, I get out of that ring and I just went over that guard rail. I struggled as a babyface to get over, and, like, just my arms out reached and everybody chanting 'ECW,' I knew that was a moment for me." (from 3:29 to 3:51)
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Tommy Dreamer earned the praise of Paul Heyman that night

Tommy Dreamer's breakthrough moment earned praise from former ECW owner Paul Heyman, which The Innovator of Violence discussed on the latest edition of Busted Open. Heyman greeted Dreamer backstage with a hug and told him that he was proud:

"When I came back, y'know, I told the story. Paul (Heyman) hugged me like a child. He's like, you did it, like, I'm so proud of you." (from 3:52 to 4:00)
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Tommy Dreamer became synonymous with ECW and featured heavily in WWE's revamped version from 2006 to 2010. Dreamer currently works as a backstage producer for IMPACT Wrestling, returning there in December after briefly parting ways with the company.

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