"You never know with that kind of stuff" – Top AEW star comments on Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out on WWE

Sasha Banks (left) and Naomi (Right)
Sasha Banks (left) and Naomi (Right)

AEW star Ruby Soho (fka Ruby Riott) shared her thoughts on Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of WWE on RAW.

Sasha Banks and Naomi were reportedly frustrated with their creative direction, which resulted in them walking out of the arena during a live episode of RAW. The duo was later suspended and stripped of their Women's Tag Team Championships in a public announcement by the company.

You can take the titles away from Naomi and Sasha Banks, but you’ll never take away this moment. #SmackDown

Soho, who worked closely with the former Women's Tag Team Champions, revealed her thoughts on the incident. Here's what the Runaway had to say in an interview with CBS Sports:

“I’m a very firm believer in everybody’s career and everybody’s experiences are different. No matter what company you work for, no matter who you are or what level you feel like you’re on or what level people portray you to be on, I feel like everyone’s experiences are different. I have for a long time considered Sasha and Naomi to be friends of mine. If that in the moment and in their heart of hearts is what they felt like they needed to do, then I can only understand from an outside perspective because you never know with that kind of stuff. You never know what they’re experiencing, what their journey is like to that point, and why they felt like they needed to do what they needed to do."

Ruby Soho worked closely with Sasha Banks and Naomi during her time in WWE

Ruby Soho is no stranger when dealing with challenging situations in WWE. The AEW star was a part of Vince McMahon's global juggernaut for around five years before being released in 2021.

Ruby had the pleasure of working closely with Sasha Banks and Naomi during her stint with the promotion. The Runaway added that she adores the duo and understands why they decided to walk out:

"But at the end of the day, you can only just try and see them for who they are as people. And I adore them. So whatever they felt like they needed to do, I understand. Everybody handles things differently. Everybody has different experiences. So until you're in the shoes of that person, you can't always say what you would do."

It's still unclear what WWE's plans are for the duo as we approach the two-week anniversary of the infamous walkout. WWE recently announced that they would host a tournament to determine the next Women's Tag Team Champions.

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