Top WWE star posts unhappy tweet after Charlotte Flair returns and immediately gets a title shot against Asuka

Flair makes her return and challenges for the new Women
Charlotte Flair is one of the greatest female performers in history

Charlotte Flair's return on WWE SmackDown didn't sit well with former RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair.

The Queen made her return to WWE TV on last night's episode of SmackDown and interrupted her former rival Asuka, who had just been handed a new Women's title by Adam Pearce. Flair challenged The Empress of Tomorrow for her brand new title belt, and WWE later made the match official as well.

The WWE Universe wasn't happy over Charlotte Flair getting another title shot immediately upon returning to weekly TV. Bianca Belair has now put up a tweet as well, expressing her frustration over Flair receiving another title shot.

Check out the tweet below:

"Been processing what went down last night. So let me get this straight. I did exactly what was asked of me. I agreed to let Asuka have her moment as long as I got my REMATCH JUST for Charlotte to come out, demand and get handed a REMATCH? 🤔 Am I trippin or am I trippin?"

Charlotte Flair is now a 16-time singles champion

Flair made her main roster debut in July 2015 after WrestleMania 31. Over the past eight years, she has won the RAW Women's title (six times), the SmackDown Women's title (seven times), the NXT Women's title (two times), and the Divas title (one time).

The Queen winning titles one after the other has certainly left many fans upset as they believe that WWE is over-pushing her at the expense of other female stars.

Earlier this year, Ric Flair had the following to say to fans complaining about his daughter always being in the main event:

“Steve Austin came back for a year, came back and did he start at the bottom of the card? He ain’t wrestled in 20 years and they wanted him to main-event WrestleMania this year. What the hell? That’s the most stupid thing in the world. Why wouldn’t the best performer in the company, regardless of time off or time on, not be in the main event? Give me a break.” [H/T WrestlingInc]

Charlotte Flair is bound to win her 17th singles title belt somewhere down the line. It would be interesting to see the WWE Universe's reaction to her massive achievement.

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