WWE Hall of Famer called John Cena a "jobber" after he lost their match

John Cena was once called a jobber
John Cena was once called a jobber

John Cena is one of the most famous WWE Superstars to have ever competed inside the squared circle. Before he reached this level of success, the 16-time world champion was once referred to as a "jobber" by WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson.

Torrie Wilson recently made a surprise appearance in the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble Match, but was unsuccessful in her attempt to win the bout. She was eliminated by the "Queen of Spades" Shayna Baszler. Still, she's one of the most recognizable female wrestlers in WWE history.

During a recent virtual meet-and-greet/signing with The Asylum Wrestling Store, Torrie Wilson recalled the time she teased John Cena. She stated that she called him a "jobber" after he and Dawn Marie lost to Wilson and Billy Kidman in a mixed tag team match at WWE Rebellion 2002.

"You know what? It’s so funny, I remember on that [UK] tour, that was before [John Cena] really hit it big, and I remember teasing him backstage and calling him a jobber, which is like what we call each other when we lose all the time, and I kind of pride myself on that because it was just way before — who would ever call him a jobber? No one."

In 2002, John Cena wasn't the global star that he is today, so it probably didn't sound like a big deal back when Wilson quipped that he was a jobber. Today, though, the joke would be completely off the mark, as Cena is a 16-time world champion.

Torrie Wilson wants to wrestle Charlotte Flair in WWE

Torrie Wilson entrance
Torrie Wilson entrance

During the live stream, Torrie Wilson had a lot of praise for Charlotte Flair. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed that she would love to make her in-ring return in a match against "The Queen". She stated that Flair would make her look good in the ring.

"I’ve been asked this question a few times, and I wish I could give a different answer every time. I just love Charlotte [Flair] as a person, and I love that she’s tall and so athletic, and she’d make me look like a million bucks. She’s so great. She’s such a jaw-dropping athlete. I watch her and I’m just like, ‘How can she do this all the time?'"

A match between Torrie Wilson and Charlotte Flair, which would pit a WWE Hall of Famer against a star who's already destined to receive that honor, would certainly turn out to be an interesting bout.

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