Torrie Wilson issues an emotional statement following the death of her dog Chloe

Torrie Wilson and Chloe.
Torrie Wilson and Chloe.

Torrie Wilson took to Instagram to reveal that her dog Chloe - who appeared alongside the Hall of Famer on WWE TV as an extra - has died after being with her for 17 years.

In the lengthy and emotional post on Instagram, Torrie Wilson paid tribute to Chloe and stated how close she was to her. Chloe was with Wilson throughout her WWE career when the Superstar traveled on the road for a majority of the year. Chloe helped Wilson get through many dark days in her life, and the Superstar expressed her gratitude for having Chloe by her side.

Here's what Torrie Wilson wrote in the heartwrenching post, which also included various photos:

Today I said goodbye to my angel Chloe & words can never describe how much my heart hurts. . 17 YEARS she was my ride or die. . She has literally rode through LIFE with me. From the @wwe...traveling the ALL OVER the damn place...she has no doubt seen in ALL. (If she writes a book in heaven lookout) . She seriously pulled me thru some of my darkest days & rode with me thru alllll the fun. She even made it very clear my husband was the Daddy she wanted when she clung to him more than anyone I've ever met.❤️ .
I swear at times I thought she was human with the disapproving looks she gave me when I wasn't doing the right thing...but she was a rare constant that made everywhere I went feel like home. . Rest assured, I know she's running like a puppy & showing everybody who the true Queen Diva is in heaven. 🙏🏽 . Squeeze your creatures & humans cuz we are all on borrowed time. . Can't wait to see you again QUEEN!

Torrie Wilson and Chloe

Chloe, a Maltese, was a big part of Torrie Wilson's character in the WWE as she'd often accompany the Superstar during her matches. Chloe would be in the timekeepers' area, but she would also influence Wilson's matches when the opportunity arose. Torrie would stick Chloe's backside in her opponent's face, which was like the dog version of the Stinkface.

Even after Torrie Wilson left the WWE in 2008, Chloe continued to be the Queen of the Wilson household, which was featured in WWE's 'Where Are They Now?' series.


Torrie Wilson has sporadically appeared for the company since her departure, and she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 by Stacey Keibler. Wilson's last WWE appearance was at the RAW Reunion show in July 2019.

We at Sportskeeda send our condolences to Torrie Wilson.

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