"A very hands-off approach" – Trevor Murdoch opens up on the NWA management style (Exclusive)

Trevor Murdoch is the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion
Trevor Murdoch is the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch recently spoke about how the company books their talent.

Murdoch signed with NWA back in 2019 and is currently in his second reign as the Worlds Heavyweight Champion. He also had memorable stints with WWE and TNA back in the day.

In an exclusive interview with Kevin Kellam from Sportskeeda Wrestling, Murdoch mentioned that there was very little micromanagement in NWA. He detailed that President Billy Corgan would often have a directive and the wrestlers would work to bring it together.

"There is a very hands-off approach from the NWA office and its wrestlers. What I mean by that is they have an idea on what Billy has an idea on. He goes, 'You know what, I would really like to see this matchup and we’ll just throw me and Tyrus together. Alright guys, I’ll have you guys wrestle each other. You guys go out there and do your magic. You are the wrestlers, this is what I've hired you for, go out there and wrestle and steal the show.' There's no one in the back trying to micromanage it." [From 8:36 - 9:08]

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Trevor Murdoch spoke about a conversation with Billy Corgan

During the interview, Murdoch spoke about an interaction with Billy when he was hired.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion recalled asking what Corgan was looking for from him. He mentioned that after some back-and-forth, he and the President agreed that Murdoch should be his true self on TV.

"I remember a slight conversation I had with Billy when he hired me," Murdoch stated. "I said, 'So what do you want from me?' He goes 'What do you mean?' I go 'Well, you know you brought me in you have an idea obviously, like what do you want from me to do, you want me to wrestle some of your young guys?' He said, 'I just want you to be you.' " [From 9:59 - 10:20]

Trevor Murdoch has an arduous challenge ahead of him as he puts his title on the line against the undefeated juggernaut, Tyrus at the 74th Anniversary show of NWA later this month.

It will be interesting to see if Trevor Murdoch walks out of the event with the gold.

Trevor Murdoch: I’m Going To Beat The Snot Out Of Tyrus At NWA 74

NWA 74 streams on FITE TV PPV worldwide on Aug 27th and 28th from St. Louis, MO. For tickets and more:

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