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WWE News: Triple H issues a threat to Seth Rollins

The King of Kings tells The Architect to be careful what he wishes for!

Triple H finally responded to Seth Rollins in an interview 

What’s the story?

Playing off an angle that first began in August, Triple H was asked a pressing question during an interview with Fox Sports.

The Cerebral Assassin was invited to appear on the show ‘Wrestling Compadres’ and was questioned about Seth Rollins (kayfabe) calling him out and if Rollins knew where WWE’s Headquarters were located.

Without missing a beat, Triple H went into heel mode and responded to the question:

“Apparently not. Yeah, no. Look, sometimes you just go to the obvious places, and you go out in front of the camera and you try to call a guy out and appeal to his manhood that he will come out and fight you like a man. None of that stuff bothers me.

I’m okay with not getting my suit dirty and just sitting in the back a little bit. But at some point in time, be careful what you wish for.”

In case you didn’t know...

Finn Balor captured the Universal Championship at Summerslam but had to relinquish it after an injury he accidentally suffered in the match with Seth Rollins. A Fatal Four Way Elimination Match happened on Raw, to subsequently crown a brand new Universal Champion.

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In a move that shocked the world, Triple H would show up in the middle of the match, and cost his longtime ally Seth Rollins the championship by aligning himself with Kevin Owens. The rivalry has been building since.

The heart of the matter

Over time, this feud has been simmering to a boil. Seth Rollins has called out Triple H on multiple occasions but to no avail. Rollins has mentioned that the only way to get to Triple H was to beat Kevin Owens and take the Universal Championship.

This is Hunter’s first real response to Rollins, and he seems to be playing the waiting game. We wonder how this story will play out on television.

What’s next?

It is being speculated that Triple H and Seth Rollins will have a big time match at Wrestlemania 33 this year. It is unclear whether Triple H will get involved in the Royal Rumble, but we should be approaching the culmination of this feud very soon. The coming weeks should be interesting.

Sportskeeda’s take

We think Triple H will mess up Rollins’ chances of winning the Royal Rumble. This will lead to Hunter’s on-screen return and a continuation of their untold tale.

Their feud should then come to a head in a ‘Battle of the Pedigrees’ Wrestlemania match.

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