"Triple H knows me, Vince McMahon knows me" - Unexpected name challenges Seth Rollins to a match

Triple H (left); Seth Rollins (middle); Vince McMahon (right)
Triple H (left); Seth Rollins (middle); Vince McMahon (right)

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has received a challenge for a match from American actor and boxer 'Dad' Nathan Barnatt.

The 42-year-old defeated AB Starkilla at Creator Clash 2 in Tampa, Florida, mere hours ago. After the big win, he cut an intense promo to a loud pop from the fans in attendance.

Nathan Barnatt interestingly called out WWE and Seth Rollins in his post-match promo. The YouTuber made it known that Triple H and Vince McMahon knew him and that he received a contract from WWE on two separate occasions.

"I would like to call out the entire company of the WWE. If you know me and you've been watching me for 20 years on YouTube then you'll know the WWE sent me a signed contract twice. I still have that contract signed. Triple H knows me. Vince McMahon knows me. Half the roster knows me. They've been dancing around me for 10 years and I'm not waiting any more."

He continued:

"So Seth Rollins, you want to go toe to toe with a phoney YouTuber, a con artist? How about you go toe to toe with a boxer, a YouTuber from the original days, who actually wins his fights? I'll be waiting for you at the front doors of your training facility until you answer." [H/T The Sun]

Barnatt was pumped up for his match and was determined to give everything he had to make sure he came out of it with his hand held high.

Here's a clip of his entrance, in which he can be seen sprinting to the ring like WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior:

How did fans react to Nathan Barnatt throwing a challenge at Seth Rollins?

Barnatt's shot at The Visionary received a massive response on social media, and the clip is currently going viral on Wrestling Twitter.

Check out some of the responses that he received:

Rollins had an instant classic with Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39. Following 16 minutes of non-stop action, The Visionary managed to defeat The Maverick and the WWE Universe heaped massive praise on the duo for their performance.

It would certainly be interesting to see what Rollins and Paul have to say about Barnatt's comments.

What do you think? Would you like to see a match between Barnatt and Seth Rollins?

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