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WWE News: Triple H responds to Seth Rollins' run-in at NXT Takeover: San Antonio

The game warns Rollins for his actions.

Triple H
Triple H says we’ll see who ‘The Man’ is

What's the story?

In the post show interview for NXT Takeover: San Antonio on Facebook, Triple H talked about Seth Rollins interrupting the show earlier in the night and warned the former World Champion that he was challenging the 'destroyer'.

You can watch the full interview with Triple H below:

In case you didn't know

Seth Rollins interrupted the broadcast of NXT Takeover: San Antonio when he entered the ring during the show and called out his former mentor Triple H for a fight.

After this, Triple H appeared on the stage but instead of heading into the ring, the Game sent security to take Rollins out of the ring and to escort him out of the building as well.

The heart of the matter

During the post-show interview for Takeover: San Antonio, Cathy Kelley asked Triple H about the run-in of Seth Rollins during the show. Replying to it, the former World Champion insisted that he doesn't really have anything to say to Seth.

Triple H later claimed, however, that there is a big difference between what he does at NXT and what he does with WWE. He went on to say that he was the creator at NXT but the destroyer in WWE.

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The former DX member continued on the topic saying that if Rollins wants to come at NXT and challenge the creator, it's great, but the destroyer would not be far behind. 

He later warned Rollins saying that he should be careful what he wishes for, while also stating that even though Seth was the man, he’ll see who the man was now.

What's next?

Seth Rollins may not have been able to get his hands on Triple H this time, but their rivalry is certainly far from being over and Rollins will get to confront the former DX member sooner or later.

With Triple H warning Rollins about challenging the destroyer in WWE, it's quite possible that we'll see these two men coming face to face tonight on Royal Rumble as it has been rumoured for some time now.

Sportskeeda's take

Seth Rollins' appearance at NXT Takeover was a bold move and nobody expected it to happen. Now it would be interesting to see how WWE follows up on things from here and how Seth's rivalry with his former mentor moves forward.

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