Triple H says WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2022 "wouldn't be the same" without AEW star

Triple H is the Chief Content Officer of WWE!
Triple H is the Chief Content Officer of WWE!

Survivor Series WarGames is about to make history as it introduces WarGames on the main roster. Earlier today, Triple H shared a video featuring AEW star William Regal using his famous WarGames catchphrase.

Earlier this month, Survivor Series underwent a massive change to its traditional format which consisted of 5-on-5 elimination matches. The event will introduce a WarGames match on the main roster for the very first time.

TakeOver WarGames was a yearly event for the Black and Gold brand and it regularly featured William Regal with his classic catchphrase as he booked the match. Triple H's video saw him remembering his friend and former NXT General Manager ahead of the event:

"Tonight just wouldn't be the same without..."
Tonight just wouldn't be the same without...

It will be interesting to see if the gimmick match can make a successful transition from the Black and Gold brand to the main roster after tonight's Survivor Series.

What did William Regal do during WarGames before its call-up to Survivor Series?

In 2017, Triple H and William Regal introduced the WarGames gimmick as a yearly premium live event on the Black and Gold brand. It was the first time the gimmick was used in WWE before acquiring rights from WCW.

During the build-up to every WarGames event, William Regal would scream at its participants about the match before booking them into the gimmick for the TakeOver event.

No oneWilliam Regal at home after hearing news of survivor series wargames

Regal was ever-present with his signature catchphrase at every TakeOver WarGames event before he left the company. After his departure, the 54-year-old's presence has been sorely missed.

Upon joining AEW, he did a rip-off version by screaming Blood and Guts, which was their version of WarGames. Sadly, Hunter was unable to get Regal to replicate his magic.

Do you think WarGames will live up to its hype on the main roster? Sound off in the comment section.

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