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Tyler Reks reveals how John Cena lost his cool backstage and yelled at him for not changing his finisher

John Cena
John Cena
Modified 28 Sep 2020, 22:00 IST

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV. You can check out the full interiew HERE. Reks discussed a number of subjects during the interview including his WWE career and why he had issues with John Cena.

Tyler Reks opens up about John Cena losing his cool backstage

Speaking about his issues with John Cena, Tyler Reks spoke about why and how Cena lost his cool backstage. Reks went into details and you can read what he had to say below:

I was using the Burning Hammer which nobody was using. It's basically an inverted FU but way cooler.
When they were grooming me to be that heel, Arn came up to me one day cause they wanted me to do dark matches and stuff. He said, 'Hey kid, what's your finisher?' and I said it's a Burning Hammer. Arn's like, ' the burning what?'.

Reks said that Godust then offered to take the move from him to demonstrate. He continued:

With everybody out there, including Cena, I hit it on Goldust before the show and everybody's like 'oh god'. Goldie gets up and they're all like 'you okay?' and he's like 'I didn't feel it man, it was fine'. On the headset, 'okay Vince likes it, go ahead guys you're cleared to use it' and I'm like alright, cool. To remind you guys, Cena is sitting right there where he sits at the Spanish announce table every day before the show, saw the whole thing. So I used it for six months man. I used it at Bragging Right, I eliminated Santino with it three feet from him, he was like on the ropes and I used it right in front of him, never said a word. That's why I have no reason to think that there's any problem with me using it, its totally different than his. Not a Fireman's Carry. It looks totally different.
So, long story short, I'm using this for six months in front of Cena, literally in front of him and I get drafted to RAW and first week on the road we're doing a house show and I'm working Primo. It was me over, so I hit the Burning Hammer for the finisher. We're like third out, killer match. I go for the Burning Hammer and something happens in the process, Primo had never taken it, and he kind of went over sideways, looked kind of cra***.
I can see where it might have kind of infringed on Cena's FU a little bit so I come back through the curtain, thinking nothing of it, come back through the curtain and all the boys are there. Cena looks up, he's like 'Hey man, we're gonna have to get you a new finisher' and I was like 'sorry man, we'll get it right, we kind of screwed it up tonight and we'll get it right tomorrow. So I'm thinking that he's joking and given what I said, ' hey we'll get it right tomorrow, we  kind of screwed it up, we'll be better', knowing that I did it in front of him many many times, he knows exactly what it is, next day we go to the next show and Primo's like 'Hey, should we change it?' and I said 'John Cena's saw me do it a million times, I think he was just saying get it right so it doesn't look like his FU'.
So we go out there and I hit it, hit it perfect, like sweet. Crowd goes..wild..whatever you want to call it. I walk back and he's there, like second I was back through the curtain. Within earshot of everybody on the roster, he's like, 'Hey, come here' and I go, 'hey, what's up,bro?' and he goes like 'Didn't I tell you to change your ****ing finisher?'.

Tyler Reks added that Cena then started to belittle him and pointed his finger at him, all this in front of everyone backstage near the curtain. Reks said that Cena even threated to have him fired.

Reks said he was hot after the incident and walked out to cool off and even considered quitting after the way he was treated.

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Published 28 Sep 2020, 22:00 IST
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