Unexpected special guest interrupts Cody Rhodes' match; leads to sudden finish

Cody Rhodes defended his belt inside the Jeddah Super Dome (Credit: WWE)
Cody Rhodes defended his belt inside the Jeddah Super Dome (Credit: WWE)

Cody Rhodes headlined his second straight premium live event as Undisputed WWE Champion this weekend at King and Queen of the Ring. Once again, The American Nightmare successfully defended his title. This time he defeated the United States Champion, Logan Paul.

The match went as expected, with the action spilling from inside the ring to the outside. At one point, Rhodes asked the referee to stop counting after reaching nine, just so he could defeat his challenger by pinfall.

This move seemed to have worked against the champion, as immediately after this The Maverick turned the tables. He hit Rhodes with a splash off the top turnbuckle onto the commentary table.

In the closing moments of the bout, both competitors accidentally knocked off the referee momentarily, which gave Paul an opening to hit a low blow on Rhodes.

Just as the United States Champion attempted to use his brass knuckles, actor/comedian Ibrahim Al Hajjaj, who was also the special guest announcer for the main event, prevented that from happening. Ibrahim also appeared in last year's Crown Jewel PLE as a guest on MizTV.

Cody Rhodes used the distraction to hit Logan Paul with three consecutive Cross Rhodes to pick up the decisive win.