Update on Heath Slater following WWE RAW, possible next appearance confirmed [Exclusive]

Heath Slater appeared on RAW last night
Heath Slater appeared on RAW last night

Following Heath Slater's appearance on WWE RAW last night, there have been a lot of questions raised regarding the future of the former Tag Team Champion - with his non-compete clause due to expire in a week. Well, sources have indicated to me that Heath Slater's future does indeed lie away from WWE, as well as confirming an appearance set for Slater.

Last week, I revealed how Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are IMPACT Wrestling-bound, with the former WWE Tag Team Champions set to debut at Slammiversary or shortly after the PPV. One of the side stories that came from that story, though, would be the news of their side project - Talk N' Shop A-Mania, which will run August 1st.

Heath Slater's next appearance

As suspected, Heath Slater's appearance on WWE RAW was seemingly a one-off appearance with WWE booking Slater specifically due to the nature of the segment, giving the One Man Band a farewell match with former Three Man Band (3MB) brother and current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

Slater stated that the appearance was the perfect "bookend" for his WWE journey following the match and it seems like his release is final - but Slater isn't hanging about when it comes to next moves.

Following his WWE non-compete expiring in just over a week, Slater will be free to work elsewhere - and while we do not yet know the permanent destination - if there currently is one - for the former WWE 24/7 Champion, we have been informed of one booking Slater has been confirmed for.

Sources have indicated to me that Slater was present at recent Talk N'Shop A-Mania tapings, and is scheduled to appear during Gallows and Anderson's August 1st extravaganza!

Talk N' Shop comes to life on your screen with all of their zany, raunchy characters, and some of the biggest stars in professional wrestling! Buckle up for a wild, booze soaked wrestling event like only. Little people, large women, & Sex Ferguson coming through the screen on a ride you will have to see to believe!

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been hyping up the show - which will air on Fite TV - on social media, and it looks like the pair have some very special guests lined up - including Heath Slater. This is one not to be missed!

You can find out more about Talk 'N Shop A-Mania via Fite TV, and you can order the PPV, here.

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