Update on WWE's plans for Roman Reigns title reign - Reports

Roman Reigns closed out WrestleMania 39 still the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.
Roman Reigns closed out WrestleMania 39 still the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

WWE has not had a world champion reign as long as Roman Reigns' in a long time. The Tribal Chief persona is the top heel guy in the company and arguably the entire pro-wrestling industry. Now, it seems the global juggernaut promotion wants to update its history books.

After successfully defending his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39, Reigns is about to reach an incredible 1,000-day milestone as WWE Universal Champion. The soon-to-be 38-year-old megastar has also held the WWE Championship for nearly 400 days after taking it away from Brock Lesnar at last year's 'Mania.

Andrew Zarian responded to Jim Valley's tweet about Reigns potentially surpassing Hulk Hogan's 1,474-day reign as the third longest singles reign as a world champion of all-time, just behind Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund.

"The introduction of the new WWE World Heavyweight title says to me that Roman Reigns is going to be champion much longer than 1,000 days. I think Roman might be poised to surpass Hulk Hogan's first title reign," Jim Valley wrote.

According to Zarian, the company wants to have new superstars break previously-held records. In recent times, The Usos and The New Day broke Demolition's record as tag team champions, Gunther is likely to break Honky Tonk Man's number of days as the Intercontinental Champion, and now Roman Reigns:

"I have been told numerous times that WWE wants to update its history books and needs longer title reigns," wrote Zarian.

While a large portion of fans have voiced their displeasure at his recent retention, Cody Rhodes' name is still circling around as 'the guy' to end Roman Reigns' title reign. But with the draft picks of both superstars for different brands, it looks like The Tribal Chief is going to remain the undisputed champion for a while.

Who will the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion's next challenger be?

As per a new report by Xero News, the company will shortly release the 1,000-day branding merchandise for Roman Reigns around the time the Night of Champions event takes place. The Tribal Chief's next title defense is also reportedly going to be on the Saudi show.

Speaking of which, the report also stated that AJ Styles would be his next challenger. The Phenomenal One returned on Draft Night of WWE SmackDown this past week, along with his clan on the blue brand.

It's worth noting that Reigns will surpass the veteran's combined days as a world champion this week with 510 days and counting for the former. In a matter of another two weeks, The Tribal Chief will also make it to the top ten list of combined days, beating Randy Savage and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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