WWE Superstar The Big Show suffers another big loss for his Netflix show

Big Show's Netflix show has been canceled
Big Show's Netflix show has been canceled

Netflix will not be renewing The Big Show Show starring the legendary WWE Superstar according to a report by Deadline. According to the report, Netflix has decided not to go forward and will not renew two separate family comedy sitcoms, with The Big Show Show and Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love.

It was also announced that The Big Show Show and Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love would both be getting one final episode for Christmas. They are stand-alone special episodes and not a continuation of the storyline.

The Big Show got his Netflix series after a long career in WWE and also acting in several small movies. He has often talked about how much it means to him to have the show.

Absolutely not. I could never have envisioned a blessing like this. I had no idea where my career was going to go. When I started in WCW [in 1995], I was brought in and built as an opponent for Hulk Hogan. I had very little training for that match. The rest of it was kind of like getting thrown in the water—if I swam, it was up to me. If I didn’t, it wouldn’t have been that big a deal. The business was a lot different back then. Luckily, I swam and survived. Along the way, I’ve been able to build my Big Show character and build my relationships with the people at WWE, who understood there was a lot more to the Big Show than what people saw on TV. To get the opportunity with this Big Show Show, and still be able to interact with the fans because it’s a live audience situation, and it’s really a peak behind the curtain of the Big Show character and what it would be like with three incredible, powerhouse daughters and a spunky, rambunctious wife. I have to pinch myself all the time—I can’t believe I’m this lucky and this fortunate. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.

The Big Show is yet to react to his show getting canceled. He also takes part in numerous other shows and movies.

The Big Show in WWE

The Big Show has not had the best luck in 2020 so far. After Drew McIntyre's WrestleMania match against Brock Lesnar where McIntyre won the WWE Championship, The Big Show came up and challenged McIntyre in a losing effort.

The Big Show also recently faced Randy Orton in an unsanctioned WWE match on RAW. Unfortunately for him, his intention of getting revenge on Orton for what The Viper had done to WWE veteran Christian, did not get the desired result. Instead, Randy Orton punted the WWE veteran and put him out of action.

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