"People will be ready for it" - Veteran feels WWE has set up 4-time champion for a future feud with Roman Reigns (Exclusive) 

The company might have a very promising angle in store for Roman Reigns.
The company might have a very promising angle in store for Roman Reigns.

Dutch Mantell has revealed that WWE could be lining up Sami Zayn for a program with Roman Reigns.

Zayn has become one of SmackDown's most popular stars owing to his goofy association with The Bloodline since WrestleMania 38. The former Intercontinental Champion's energetic persona has helped Roman Reigns' group be more entertaining on the blue brand every week.

Dutch Mantell has praised WWE's booking of Sami Zayn and said fans would be all in to witness the former NXT Champion turn babyface during a potential feud with Roman Reigns. The legendary manager, however, admitted to being confused by how the company times its storylines, as he explained below on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk:

"See, now they can shoot this angle whenever they want to for Sami Zayn because it's been ready for a month anyway," stated Dutch Mantell. "And I think the people will be ready for it. I almost was kind of hoping this would be a good spot for it tonight, but that's what they keep confusing me on because when they did an angle, right? They keep making me guess when they're going to shoot the whole thing." [38:20 - 39:00]

Dutch Mantell says WWE missed out on a massive Sami Zayn moment on Montreal SmackDown

The latest SmackDown episode ended with The Bloodline standing tall over an unconscious Drew McIntyre ahead of Clash at the Castle. Sami Zayn accompanied Roman Reigns and The Usos as it seemed like he finally got the acknowledgment of the Samoan superstars.

Fans were naturally happy to see Zayn's moment under the spotlight. However, Dutch Mantell believes WWE could have garnered a better reaction had this week's angle been dished out during the previous episode in Montreal.

Zayn got a standing ovation from his hometown crowd, and Mantell believes the promotion could have gotten more out of the superstar's appearance:

"But the people, they would really, I was just thinking. They were in Montreal last week. If they would have shot that angle there, the place would have come in. The roof would have come in. He is over there big time." [39:01 - 39:19]
Sami Zayn is just casually in the background 😂

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