Veteran highlights major problem with Gunther and Imperium; says it just "doesn't work"

Gunther is the current Intercontinental Champion
Gunther is the current Intercontinental Champion

Imperium showed up at the May 22 episode of RAW to interrupt Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn's promo. Veteran analyst Jim Cornette in his podcast 'Jim Cornette's Drive-thru' talked about what he believed was a problem with Gunther and Imperium.

Gunther, Giovanni Vinci, and Ludwig Kaiser showed up and attacked Owen and Zayn. Out of nowhere, Matt Riddle came to their rescue. They started brawling with each other and that prompted WWE to announce a six-man Tag Team match as the main event for the night.

Jim Cornette reacted to the incident on his podcast. He said that WWE announced a six-man tag match which we then had to wait two hours and forty minutes to see.

"So now they're advertising a six-man tag that we gotta wait another two hours and forty minutes to fu**ing see and the baby faces have just beaten the heels up in fifteen seconds. So who gives a sh*t?" [From 2:58 to 3:26]

You can check out the video below:


The former manager went on to elaborate that Imperium doesn't beat anybody and they are not physical or intimidating. Thus, a six-man tag team with them just does not work.

"So these guys, their work isn't bad but they've been presented as the two guys that stooge for Gunther and they don't beat anyone, they're not physically intimidating, they don't do any real damage when they do interfere so you can't do six mans (six-man tag team) with these guys. Nobody cares, it doesn't work." [From 5:57 to 6:20]

Imperium can't be taken seriously, according to Jim Cornette

In the same podcast, Jim Cornette talked about how Giovanni Vinci, and Ludwig Kaiser are presented as "flunkies". He said they run interference but can't be taken seriously as they don't beat anybody up even with Gunther by their side.

"They're presented as the flunkies that people just dispatch and they pull legs and interfere but you can't take them seriously and if they come out and don't beat anybody up even with Gunther... then it's a fu**ing six-man tag and they only got four men." [ From 4:15 to 4:33]

In the six-man tag team match, fans thought that as soon as Gunther was tagged in that Imperium would win the match. But Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Riddle came out on top.

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