"The last person was Bray Wyatt" - Veteran says WWE has not created an interesting character since 2012 (Exclusive)

Bray Wyatt was released in 2021.
Bray Wyatt was released in 2021.

Vince Russo believes WWE has failed to develop a larger-than-life character since Bray Wyatt debuted on the main roster nearly ten years ago.

Discussions on the latest episode of Legion of RAW revolved around WWE's shortage of megastars amidst Triple H's return to power. Vince Russo found it challenging to recall the last time a WWE Superstar created a massive buzz with their character work.

The former writer noted that he was a big fan of Bray Wyatt's initial gimmick. He declared that the company has since been unable to create a talent who can draw fresh eyes to the product.

Here's what Russo had to say on Sportskeeda Wrestling's weekly RAW review show:

"I'll go as far as Bray Wyatt," said Russo. "Who is on this show that you can put in that category? Who is on this show could you put in a category like that where, 'Oh my god, everybody is talking about this person; I've got to see them.' The last person, bro, let's be honest, the last person was Bray Wyatt, and I'm talking about the original Bray Wyatt. Has there been anyone since?" [38:54 - 39:26]

The Wyatt Family emerged as one of the most successful factions in modern-day wrestling. Bray Wyatt's group provided viewers with several eerie yet breathtaking visuals every week on TV. Vince Russo was astonished that the promotion was yet to produce a similarly impactful on-screen character:

"Now, how many years ago did Bray Wyatt debut? I'm talking about original, five? More? That's almost ten years ago," added Russo. "Who has come along that has been that interesting that you're going to stop and go out of your way to watch this person? Bro, that was almost ten years ago. Seriously man, who has come along since then?" [39:27 - 40:30]

Vince Russo how good word of mouth can help create a WWE megastar

The future Bray Wyatt/The Fiend,back when he was known as Husky Harris during the 2nd season of NXT back in wouldn't be until April,2012 that the Bray Wyatt character would make its debut in Florida Championship Wrestling and onto the WWE main roster not long after

History shows that a handful of iconic wrestlers from past eras have attained more popularity than WWE itself. The likes of The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, John Cena, and a few others have become household names beyond the realms of professional wrestling.

Vince Russo said that certain wrestlers have become more prominent in mainstream media as the stories of their achievements spread across the fanbase. He even provided an interesting example featuring Rihanna to explain his point, as you can view below:

"What I was saying is, Rated R had come out, she (Rihanna) was a hot thing, I'm like, let me listen to her. So, I listened to her, and I became a big fan of the whole package, okay? Now, how does that relate to wrestling? Well, bro, that's why you became an Undertaker fan. You became a Hogan fan. You became an nWo fan. A Rock fan, a John Cena fan, I can go on and on. You know, word of mouth, you check somebody out," added Russo. [38:22 - 38:53]

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