Veteran urges WWE to explore real-life angle and book heated feud between Roman Reigns and Triple H (Exclusive)

Triple H and Roman Reigns have headlined WrestleMania in the past.
Triple H and Roman Reigns have headlined WrestleMania in the past.

The new World Heavyweight Championship has left fans perplexed about Roman Reigns' title reign. In a bid to provide them with answers, Vince Russo has encouraged WWE to book a storyline that's deep-rooted in reality and also involves Triple H.

The Tribal Chief's tight grip over the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and his part-time schedule has seemingly forced WWE to introduce a new title for the red brand.

Vince Russo has worked with USA Network in the past and was aware of how the executives wanted the world champion to regularly appear on RAW. The World Heavyweight title might have been brought into the mix to please USA Network, and Vince Russo said the real-life detail must be acknowledged on live TV.

Russo explained why Roman Reigns needed to call out Triple H, leading to a heated back-and-forth between the two on the upcoming SmackDown episode, where The Bloodline leader is scheduled to return.

"I've got to go with reality. I've got to go with reality, and I've got to go on Reigns calling out Hunter, cutting that promo, and Hunter turning around and saying, 'Okay, bro, you want to air dirty laundry? Here's the quandary, champ! We've got two networks, and both networks want a champion represented, and it seems like the more this streak continues, the more you're taking on a Brock Lesnar personality," stated the former WWE writer on Writing with Russo. "And the more you want to be a part-time player, and you know what? That ain't going to fly with the network." [10:41 - 11:28]

Vince Russo spills the beans on how USA Network reacted to WWE's booking of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been a member of the SmackDown roster for a very long time but has still made a handful of appearances on RAW to advance storylines when necessary.

However, Monday Night RAW has been without a dedicated world title holder in recent times. According to Russo, USA Network officials were unhappy about the situation despite paying a lot of money to WWE.

He also speculated that the World Heavyweight Championship was solely unveiled to satisfy the big-time network as, at the end of the day, the company had signed a lucrative TV deal.

"The fact at that time was that Roman was the champion and primarily on SmackDown; they (USA Network) did not like that," revealed the 62-year-old veteran. "Since then, there has been a lot of crossover with bringing Roman over to RAW, but if I'm a network and I'm paying that type of money, how do I not have a champion on the show? It just doesn't make any sense. Maybe this belt was to appease both networks, but it's still very confusing." [6:12 - 6:55]

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