"Vince got mad at him for being an idiot" - Former WWE star was paid just $100 for WrestleMania before getting fired

It's been nearly four months since Vince McMahon's retirement.

Dutch Mantell has revealed that former WWE star James Dundee, aka J.C. Ice, was ousted from the company after infuriating Vince McMahon in 1997.

While Dundee didn't wrestle at WrestleMania 13, he was one of the managers in The Nation of Domination's corner during their match against Legion of Doom and Ahmed Johnson.

J.C. Ice rose to prominence as one-half of the PG-13 tag team alongside Wolfie D and made several appearances for WWE during the 1990s.

While managers during that era pocketed thousands of dollars for Premium Live Events, Vince McMahon was apparently unhappy with Jamie Dundee due to an incident before the show and decided to cut his pay for the night.

Here's what Mantell revealed on his YouTube channel:

"And you know what he [J.C. Ice] got paid on that pay-per-view because Vince got mad at him for being an idiot? $100. That's what he actually got paid. Even managers back in those days, you'd get at least five, six, or seven thousand dollars just to walk to the ring. Maybe not that much, but he got mad at him, and he gave him 100 dollars. And what's Jamie going to do, bi*** and complain? He is looking for a spot to get rid of him anyway." [From 3:10 to 4:33]

Jamie Dundee travelled to Chicago for WrestleMania 13 and, as revealed by Dutch Mantell, somehow wound up with a $700 cab bill. The former WWE manager noted that Dundee arrived at the arena 30 minutes before the show started and had even promised the cab driver to give him his money later.

Dundee unsurprisingly vanished as Mantell stated that the driver never saw the Australian-born star again. The former WWE manager shared more details about the events leading up to the former tag team star's eventual WWE departure:

"He showed up thirty minutes before the show started and still owed the guy like a $700 cab bill. And he told the cab guy, wait, I'll get you your money, and the taxi cab driver never saw Jamie again. I think they got the guy paid somehow because the guy raised so much hell he wanted his money. And they knew Jamie was there at that time." [From 1:21 to 3:00]

You meet him one time, and he is your best buddy: Dutch Mantell on former WWE star Jamie Dundee

The Tag Team of the day is PG13, @WolfieD_PG13 & Jamie Dundee. #USWA #WWE

While J.C. Ice just wrestled thrice for WWE, he worked for a few other top promotions, including WCW and ECW, where he had a more extensive in-ring run until 2000, following which he wrestled sporadically on the indie circuit before his last match in 2012.

Beyond the squared circle, Jamie Dundee was a great colleague to have in the locker room, as he quickly made friends and had a great relationship with other wrestlers. Dutch Mantell said that the star could have endless conversations with absolutely anybody.

"What a character; I mean, you meet him one time, and he is your best buddy. And I was in the dressing room with him one night and sit back, and I brought up a subject. I don't even know what it was. He talked non-stop for like thirty minutes and had me rolling, and he would just pick his own topic," Mantell added. [From 0:33 to 1:20]

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