"He hates that the most" - What Vince McMahon dislikes WWE stars doing in the ring

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
Nishant Jayaram

Vince McMahon does not like WWE stars go into the ring to break a referee's count, as per former referee Mike Chioda. The WWE Chairman wants wrestlers to stay in the ring rather than break the count and go outside.

In his recent Monday Mailbag show on AdFreeShows, Chioda stated that wrestlers breaking the referee's 10-count is one of Vince McMahon's pet peeves and hates it.

McMahon reportedly wants the referee to bring the superstar on the outside into the ring, while the other stays inside the ring.

“That’s one of Vince’s pet peeves. He hates that the most. That’s one thing that he does not like. When you roll out, just mess with the ref and roll back in. Usually, he wants someone to roll back in, in the ropes and go back out the other side. You know, especially if a wrestler or two wrestlers are outside, one comes in to break the count, he should just back off, come in the ring, get back into the center, I go back, the referee will go back through the ropes to get the other talent back in, and next thing you know, he shoots back out the other side.” (H/T ITR Wrestling)

Chioda stated that McMahon felt breaking the referee's count was "old school" wrestling and that WWE was trying to get away from that. Chioda also believed that WWE has moved from that "old school mentality".

Vince McMahon's other pet peeve

Stephanie McMahon recently revealed that Vince McMahon dislikes people nodding during a meeting as he thinks it will influence other people.

"He feels like (nodding) influences the room. If someone is talking and someone else is nodding, you're going to influence the room. You shouldn't influence the room."

Stephanie McMahon also revealed that Vince hates sneezing, whether it is him or someone else, because he gets upset that he can't control it.

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