Vince McMahon was not a fan of two-time WWE Hall of Famer's wrestling style

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

WWE veteran Jim Cornette has stated that Vince McMahon was not a fan of pro wrestling icon Ric Flair's wrestling style.

Jim Cornette, on his Jim Cornette's Drive Thru show, spoke about McMahon preferring the likes of Hulk Hogan to Flair. He stated that the WWE Chairman was not a fan of Flair's style of wrestling.

Cornette explained that McMahon respects Flair as a person, but he didn't care for the way he wrestled.

"Vince respects who Ric Flair has been, what he's done, his longevity, the dedication he has had to the business, the fact that he was 'The Guy' for the only opposition that Vince had there for quite a while, etc," said Cornette. "Vince never liked Ric Flair's style of wrestling or style of matches and he wouldn't be Vince McMahon's favorite wrestler or even in the top 50. Vince McMahon's favorite kind of wrestler was Hulk Hogan - the exact antithesis (to Flair)."


Cornette noted that McMahon wanted to present WWE as entertainment rather than telling fans that pro wrestling was real. Flair, meanwhile, tried to make fans believe that what they were doing was real.

Ric Flair's personal relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

Ric Flair has spoken in glowing terms about Vince McMahon in the past. The Nature Boy previously revealed that McMahon lent him money when he was in financial trouble.

McMahon also lent support to Flair when the two-time WWE Hall of Famer was facing health issues.

Flair had three stints with WWE, with his latest run coming to an end earlier this month. He first featured in WWE in 1991 and returned to the company a decade later after a lengthy run with WCW. He once again returned to WWE in 2012.


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