"He's a known drug addict" - Vince McMahon to Triple H about re-signing WWE legend

Vince McMahon was unsure about Triple H's suggestion to re-hire a legend
Vince McMahon was unsure about Triple H's suggestion to re-hire a legend

Vince McMahon was not keen on rehiring WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg for a backstage role due to his drug issues.

Road Dogg's first run with WWE ended in 2001, and he subsequently worked for TNA/IMPACT Wrestling for a few years. He returned to Vince McMahon's company in 2011, first as a producer and then as a wrestler, before he joined the writing team.

In an interview with Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the Hall of Famer said that Triple H pitched that Vince McMahon should hire him as a producer. However, McMahon was apprehensive about signing Road Dogg due to his substance and alcohol issues.

"To be quite honest, he didn't see anything in me [as a producer]," said Road Dogg. "I know he did as a wrestler back in the day, he obviously saw something in me. But, Hunter [Triple H] went to him, and he had to go to him three times and say, 'Look, I'd like to bring Brian James back.' And he [McMahon] said, 'Why? He's a known drug addict. Why would you do that?' And that is a totally legitimate point. He [Triple H] said, 'Well, he's been sober about a year now.' "

The veteran continued by noting that he got to personally thank McMahon for letting him induct his father into the Hall of Fame.

And what was great was, right around the same time, I inducted my father into the Hall of Fame. So I got to walk on the empty floor before they set it up, Kevin and Vince were standing there, and I got to walk up to him and shake his hand and say, 'Thank you for this. This means a lot to my family,'" Road Dogg continued. [From 33:00 to 33:45]
Not only is it "the love of the game" that makes @BrianRDJames a great pro wrestling mind, but having an "open mind" and being a great storyteller also helps! #OUDK 🐾🎀 @IamSmileyTune in at!

The Hall of Famer then said that he was hired on a trial period as a producer. He was later added to the writing team after somebody backstage gave a glowing review of him to McMahon.

Vince McMahon wanted Road Dogg in an executive role in WWE

[email protected] has a private moment with an old friend backstage at #RAW.

In the same interview, Road Dogg stated that McMahon wanted him to be an executive in WWE. He revealed that the former WWE Chairman hired someone from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University to teach Road Dogg how to be an executive.

The Hall of Famer, though, declined the offer as it was difficult to work with McMahon due to his intense work ethic. Road Dogg was released earlier this year, bringing an end to his decade-long run with the company.

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