Vince McMahon rejects plan for Keith Lee to win the Royal Rumble; Another favorite revealed (Exclusive)

Keith Lee and Vince McMahon.
Keith Lee and Vince McMahon.

Royal Rumble is scheduled to occur on January 31st, 2021, and the Rumble matches' participants are slowly yet steadily being revealed with each passing week.

Unsurprisingly enough, the biggest question on everyone's mind is regarding who will win the Royal Rumble matches. There are many contenders to win the men's match, and we now have a few exclusive backstage updates that could help uncomplicate the situation.

Sources within WWE tell SK Wrestling that the company was strongly considering having Keith Lee win the Royal Rumble. The WWE management believed that Keith Lee was a viable contender due to his popularity with the fans. However, Vince McMahon reportedly threw a wrench into the idea and rejected the plan.

The source explained that while Vince McMahon's inputs about Keith Lee are 'shaded by underlings' due to the WWE Boss' age, McMahon's opinions carry some weight.

There is a fear that giving Keith Lee a big Royal Rumble win would expose the former NXT Superstar as not being ready for the main roster. It was added that Keith Lee, possibly starting late in the Royal Rumble match, would be an indicator of WWE playing it slow with the Limitless One.

"WWE was strongly considering Keith Lee winning it (Royal Rumble) due to his popularity with WWE fans, but Vince McMahon threw the wrench into that idea. His input has been kind of shaded by underlings lately due to his age, but his thoughts on Lee make sense. Lee would be exposed as not being ready for the main roster, especially if he started early. Starting much later in the Rumble would confirm he wasn't ready."

As we had exclusively reported earlier, Vince McMahon has been not looking too good backstage, and his wildly unpredictable behavior could have a significant impact on how Royal Rumble is booked.

The reason why Big E is also a big favorite to win the Royal Rumble

Big E.
Big E.

It was also reported that Big E is seen as a big favorite, and it all has to do with the Intercontinental Champion's exposure in the WWE. The former New Day member has been around for a while, and 2021 could very well be his year. Another positive backstage takeaway is that Vince McMahon likes Big E.

"Another big favorite at the moment is Big E because he's had years of exposure in WWE, and 2021 could be his year. Vince likes him."

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