"I’m 76-years-old, what the f*** do I know" - Vince McMahon's reaction to former WWE star's new theme song

WWE CEO Vince McMahon
WWE CEO Vince McMahon

Former WWE Superstar Aleister Black has opened up on how Vince McMahon reacted to the new theme song he received while he was still signed to the company.

Aleister Black, now known in AEW under the moniker Malakai Black, made his WWE return on an episode of SmackDown in April following a seven-month hiatus. The former NXT Champion was given a new entrance theme that was created by Brutality Will Prevail.

Speaking to Johnny Christ on his Drinks With Johnny show, Black revealed that he made Vince McMahon listen to the theme song, but the WWE Chairman wasn't a very big fan of it.

"So, we record the song," said Black. "I remember sitting with Vince [McMahon] in the office and I said, ‘Look, I’ve got this new song. It’s heavy as sh*t.’ He’s like, ‘Oh! Let me hear it.’ So I play the song for him and he’s like, ‘Does the volume change? Does the speed [change]?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah, it’s coming. It’s going faster.’ So he listens to it and he’s like, ‘Wow.’ He’s like, ‘I mean, I don’t know what the f*** that was. I don’t think that’s music but hey, I’m 76-years-old, what the f*** do I know, right?’"
"So he basically gave me the OK but for some reason, we couldn’t mesh it out with — we have all the rights to the song but, I think that WWE’s worries are and I understand this part because it has happened in the past where they’ve used outside sources and then all of a sudden, even when everything contractual [is] done, someone goes, ‘Yeah, but I want royalties’ or, ‘I want this’ or, ‘I wanna have credit’ and then, it causes lawsuits, it causes issues so WWE does everything in-house which I understand," added Black. (H/T POST Wrestling)

Unfortunately for Aleister Black, he never got to use the theme song for very long in WWE as he was soon released from his contract. His new character, which saw him reading from a book titled, “Tales from the Dark Father” was also short-lived.

Former WWE Superstar Malakai Black says he wants a match with Chris Jericho

Aleister Black (Malakai Black)
Aleister Black (Malakai Black)

Malakai Black, formerly known as Aleister Black, made a surprising AEW debut at Road Rager this week by laying out Cody Rhodes and Arn Anderson in the ring. Many fans had speculated that he would be joining the promotion, which has now been made official.

Black also stated that he wants to work with Chris Jericho, referring to the inaugural AEW Champion as one of the greatest of all time.

"So, I’ve met Chris [Jericho] very briefly when he was about to exit WWE and like, I think we had one or two brief conversations," said Black. "I’ve always liked Chris. Chris is definitely one of the guys that I look up to in wrestling. I think for a guy his age to be able to reinvent himself as much as he has done and the amount of talent that Chris possesses from his time in Japan to WCW and his WWE career, I think Chris is one of the all-time greats. He is one of the people that I really hope that before he decides to like, you know, hang up his boots, I hope I get to work him because I think his mind in wrestling is such a valuable treasure and to be able to pick his brain and learn from him and competing against him, it’s one of the things that’s on my bucket list. Like high on my bucket list to have that match."

With Malakai Black now in AEW, the chances of him colliding with Chris Jericho in the ring are much higher. We could also see him battle other stars in the promotion such as Darby Allin and Wardlow.

Vince McMahon loves a current star. Kurt Angle gave us all the details here.

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