Vince McMahon says he was ready to walk away from WWE and wrestling before a major name stopped him

Vince McMahon shared his comments on WWE being sold to Endeavor.
Vince McMahon shared his comments on WWE being sold to Endeavor

WWE's merger with the UFC is currently the most trending story in professional wrestling, and Vince McMahon's name is naturally everywhere. During a CNBC exclusive interview, McMahon revealed that he was close to leaving wrestling before Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel told him he needed to stay.

There has been a lot of heat on McMahon since allegations of sexual misconduct against the 77-year-old came to light last year. After briefly stepping away from WWE and later announcing his retirement in July 2022, Mr. McMahon returned to the board in January earlier this year to facilitate the promotion's sale.

Fast forward three months later, and Vince McMahon has successfully overseen a previously unexpected deal with UFC's parent company, Endeavor.

Ari Emanuel is a massive figure in the world of combat sports. Following Endeavor's takeover of UFC, the Dana White-led company has grown exponentially on the business front.

Considering Vince McMahon's track record in making wrestling a global phenomenon, it isn't surprising to understand why Emanuel wouldn't let the veteran promoter walk away from WWE.

Vince McMahon's WWE and Dana White's UFC have joined forces to form a $21+ billion powerhouse

As announced by Endeavor, the organization will own 51% of WWE, while the remaining 49% will stay under the control of the promotion's shareholders. As per the signed transaction agreement, WWE is valued at $9.3 billion and, along with UFC, will form a new company that will trade stocks under the sticker 'TKO.'

Nick Khan will serve as the president, while the new-look board of directors will comprise a total of 11 members, six from Endeavor and five from WWE.

WWE and UFC coming under the same parent company means that their collective value has skyrocketed to more than $21 billion, with the new company becoming the undisputed leader in the sports and live entertainment industry.

While it's too soon to judge how this massive development affects WWE, we're sure most fans and pundits will be keeping a close eye on the product over the next few months.

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