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Vince McMahon threatened to fire Superstars in a meeting if they didn't stop the backstage fights (Exclusive)

Vince McMahon.
Vince McMahon.
Modified 30 Sep 2020, 12:01 IST

Jacques Rougeau Jr., AKA The Mountie, was the special guest on the most recent edition of Sportskeeda's UnSKripted Q&A session with Dr. Chris Featherstone. The 3-time WWE/WWF Tag Team Champion was at his lively best as he shared several stories from the past. Sportskeeda's Nishant Jayaram asked the respected Canadian wrestler about the infamous backstage incident with The British Bulldogs, most notably the fight he had with Dynamite Kid. The veteran revealed interesting details about Vince McMahon's meeting with the locker room before the fight.

In case you didn't know, Jacques Rougeau got into a physical fight with the Dynamite Kid before a WWE TV taping. The locker room brawl resulted from all the pent-up anger and frustration that Jacques Rougeau carried around following all the ribs and insults he faced from The British Bulldogs.

As the story goes, Rougeau showed up at a WWE taping with revenge on his mind, and he decked the Dynamite Kid with a sucker punch. What made the punch even more painful for Dynamite Kid was that Rougeau had brass knuckles on.

Vince McMahon's ultimatum to the wrestlers

Rougeau revealed on Sportskeeda's UnSkripted that Vince McMahon had organized a meeting with the wrestlers before the incident happened. On the same day, Vince McMahon called for a meeting with the talents at 10 o'clock, and Vince McMahon was quite unhappy with the wrestlers fighting amongst each other.

Vince McMahon said that he was trying to build and establish talent, but he was actually losing stars due to the backstage altercations. Vince McMahon felt embarrassed and gave an ultimatum to his talents that they would be fired if they didn't get along.

Rougeau, however, missed the meeting along with his brother Raymond Rougeau.

Here's what The Mountie revealed about Vince McMahon's meeting with the talents on that fateful day:

"And finally, when it happened, It was amazing, because that morning, at 10 o'clock and he got everybody in the middle of the ring. He was in the ring and everybody around him, and he said, "You guys! What an embarrassment! I'm so embarrassed, and this is the sh**** and these fighting between you guys, and I'm losing my talent. I'm building talent. I'm creating talent. And I'm not going to stand for this anymore. The next time someone fights in my company, they are out, and they will never come back."
And at the same time, well at 10 o'clock, the bank was opening, so we couldn't be there for the meeting. So, at 10 o'clock, I'm at the back, getting my roll of quarters that my dad told me to do, and then we arrive at the building at 10:30. The meeting is over, but when we come in usually, it's TV taping day. Everybody is busy going from one curtain to another. From Japan to this to that for the promos we do around the world. And everybody was sitting in the dressing room, because Vince had told everybody that we're not going to start promos this morning. He said, 'we'd start promos at 1 o'clock, and I want all you guys to go in the dressing room like kids and think of what I told you right now.' So when we got there at 10:30, I thought everything would be going on. Everybody is sitting there doing nothing."

What happened next, you ask? Well, Jacques Rougeau gave a detailed account of the entire ordeal.

Jacques Rougeau also spoke in length about what really led to his outburst, Curt Hennig's role in the whole incident and its aftermath, the British Bulldogs and their backstage influence, and many other details about the controversial story on the latest edition of UnSKripted.

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Published 30 Sep 2020, 12:01 IST
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