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Curt Henning

Curt Henning

Full NameCurtis Michael Hennig

BornMarch 28, 1958



Relation(s)Children: Curtis Axel, Hank Hennig, Amy Hennig, Kaite Hennig


Curt Hennig, also known as Mr Perfect was one of the top wrestlers to have ever performed

in the WWE. Hennig was childhood friends with fellow wrestler Rick Rude. Hennig started

his wrestling career in American Wrestling Association.

  1. WWE: Initial Run
  2. WWE: Undefeated Star
  3. Return to WWE
  4. Curt Henning Death

curt henning

WWE: Initial Run

Curt Hennig joined WWE in 1982 and established himself in the promotion. This run in the

wrestling promotion would last only 2 years, with him leaving soon. He returned to AWA,

where he would wrestle alongside his father.

After 4 years which saw his technique and ability improve even further, he returned to WWE.

WWE: Undefeated Star

Curt Hennig received a massive push upon returning to WWE. His character presented

himself as being superior in every way over the stars he competed against. For two years,

he had an undefeated run in the company, and feuded with The Genius. His streak would

come to an end when the Ultimate Warrior pinned him. Following this, his loss to Hulk Hogan

would see a subtle shift in his character.

Curt Hennig would win the Intercontinental Championship from this position and continued to

wrestle at a top level until 1996. He joined WCW in 1997. During this time he would have a

rivalry with the Four Horsemen as his most high profile feud.

Return to WWE

When Curt Hennig returned to WWE in 2002, he still competed at a top level, something no

one expected from him. He would be involved in high profile feuds before leaving the


company once and for all.

Curt Henning Death

After a short run in TNA, he passed away suddenly at the age of 44. He had four children,

including Jospeh Curt Hennig who is a WWE wrestler, under the name Curtis Axel.

Curt Hennig was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007.

curt henning

People Also Ask

What did Curt Hennig die of?

Cocaine intoxication

When did Curt Hennig die?

February 10, 2003

Where is Curt Hennig buried?

Gethsemane Cemetery, PA

How old is Curt Hennig?

44 years (1958–2003)

Who is Curt Hennig son?

  1. Curtis Axel
  2. Hank Hennig

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