Vince Russo blasts WWE for big mistake with Drew McIntyre potentially influenced by his personal emergency (Exclusive)

Drew McIntyre shocked fans by quitting on WWE RAW this week
Drew McIntyre shocked fans by quitting on WWE RAW this week [Image source:]

Drew McIntyre failed to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Clash at the Castle 2024 after CM Punk's shrewd interference this past weekend. As a result, The Scottish Warrior announced he was quitting on WWE RAW. Meanwhile, Vince Russo believes the creative team has made a huge mistake with McIntyre.

The three-time WWE World Champion was inches away from picking up a glorious title win in front of his home crowd at Clash at the Castle Scotland. He technically had Damian Priest beat, but CM Punk arrived disguised as a match official and refused to complete the count for the pinfall.

The Best in the World hit McIntyre with a low blow, eventually allowing Priest to capitalize and retain his gold. Vince Russo recalled the sequence while reviewing the latest episode of WWE RAW for Sportskeeda Wrestling.

The former WWE writer was not aware that Drew McIntyre's wife had recently undergone emergency surgery. He was informed of the same by Legion of RAW host Dr. Chris Featherstone, who explained why she didn't accompany McIntyre to Scotland for the recently concluded premium live event.

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Russo expressed concern for McIntyre's family before speculating that it did not influence the finish of his match against Damian Priest at Clash at the Castle.

"Is she okay? I didn't know that. I didn't know that part of the story. But that still has nothing to do with it," said Russo. [21:18 - 21:26]

Dr. Chris Featherstone theorized that WWE did not have Drew McIntyre win the title to have him quit on RAW amid his wife's health emergency. Vince Russo argued that, while understandable, it was not the right decision.

The wrestling veteran claimed that he would have had The Scottish Warrior win the World Heavyweight Championship and tend to his personal emergency instead of the creative team's original decision. Russo said:

"Well, that I understand. But the finish makes no sense. I'd rather have him win the title, and I gotta go home for a family emergency. What they did makes zero sense." [21:32 - 21:47]

You can watch the full video below.


Drew McIntyre quits on WWE RAW after devastating loss at Clash at the Castle

The Scottish Warrior was a top favorite to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Clash at the Castle, especially after he got The Judgment Day barred from ringside. But his continued shots at CM Punk backfired as the latter made a surprise appearance and cost the challenger a monumental victory.

Drew McIntyre walked out to address WWE fans on Monday Night RAW. He looked furious and seemed prepared to hit back at the CM Punk chants from the crowd. The Scottish Warrior decided otherwise and instead said, "Sc**w this company. I quit."

The crowd was stunned as McIntyre walked back up the ramp. WWE later showed footage in which Triple H and Adam Pearce were seen trying to stop The Scottish Warrior from leaving but to no avail. It is worth noting that CM Punk is due to appear on WWE SmackDown this week, and it would be interesting to see if Drew McIntyre has a solid plan in the works.

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