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"It doesn't matter what WWE pays him" - Former WWE writer reveals reason The Rock won't face Roman Reigns [Exclusive]

Roman Reign; The Rock
Roman Reign; The Rock
Modified 22 Feb 2021

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns is a genuine dream match. Ever since The Tribal Chief returned to WWE with his new gimmick, this is one match that has been talked about constantly by the WWE Universe. But according to former WWE writer Vince Russo, The Rock may not agree to face Reigns after the way he has been booked by the company.

Roman Reigns was able to retain his WWE Universal Championship at the 2021 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. He took out a beaten-down Daniel Bryan in an easy victory. Reigns' success has been consistent since his return at SummerSlam, although he has often used dubious means to retain the title.

According to Vince Russo, Roman Reigns' booking has gone steadily downhill since his return. Talking with Chris Featherstone on Writing with Russo, Russo stated that The Rock had only one reason to face Roman Reigns. He didn't need the money, and the fact that Reigns was his own blood was the only motivating factor. But Reigns' booking might have jeopardized this potential feud

"Rock is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Rock just got his own sit-com. Rock has more money than he will ever need. It doesn't matter what WWE pays him. Rock does not need the exposure, the press, the marketing, yada yada yada. The only reason Rock would do this match is because of the Bloodline with Roman. Take that one step further. Obviously bro, you'd have to have The Rock do the job. You'd have to have The Rock do the honors. Rock does not need the money. It doesn't matter how many zeroes. He doesn't need the money. He'd be doing it to get Reigns over as his blood."
"Think about this bro, if a guy as intelligent as The Rock is sitting back and looking at this type of mediocre booking, is Rock going to say, 'Wait a minute, I understand you're my blood. I understand that this would be huge for my cousin for my family. But am I going to diminish everything that I've built for this shoddy booking?"

As Russo points out, The Rock might be turned off by Reigns' presentation as a cowardly heel. This match once seemed like a lock for a future WrestleMania, but it now seems like its status could be questionable.

Readers can see the full interview here.


"Roman would agree with that" - Vince Russo on what Roman Reigns would think of The Rock facing him

Roman Reigns in WWE
Roman Reigns in WWE

Vince Russo added that he felt that Roman Reigns would not want his cousin to lose to him unless the booking improved. The former WWE writer stated that Reigns wouldn't want to harm The Rock's legacy if they worked together.

"I guarantee you, Roman would agree with that. Roman would say bro, 'There's no way you're going to lose to me and we're going to tarnish you and everything you've built, and the following night I'll be in an angle with Sami Zayn."

This year, The Rock will not return to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, but he could still make an appearance. Vince Russo revealed that he felt the way that WWE books The Tribal Chief heading into the event might determine the future.

"I really believe bro, how they book Roman from now to WrestleMania is going to have a big outcome on whether or not The Rock decides to do this."

The future surrounding The Rock and Roman Reigns' possible feud is unclear. But many fans will hope that the booking will improve to a point where this dream match could take place.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 22:29 IST
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