"Everybody should be fired" - Vince Russo rips into WWE's writing team for costly mistake on RAW (Exclusive)

This week's RAW went up against Monday Night Football and MLB.
This week's RAW went up against Monday Night Football and MLB.

Vince Russo came down heavily on WWE's writing team during this week's Legion of RAW. He went on about the company's decision-making process to counter other major sporting events.

Russo had no sympathy for the WWE writers as he felt that the promotion could have come up with better booking to combat the stiff competition.

Russo explained the following while talking about WWE's mistake on RAW:

"Chris, this is how much they don't care. Okay? To me, I have no pity on you whatsoever because everybody should be fired. Chris, keep in mind, it's Monday night. You've got the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. Boston is the New York market; a lot of people are tuning into that game. So you've got Boston-Tampa Bay, you've got Monday Night Football," Russo said.

Check out the entire episode of Legion of RAW in the video below:

This week's RAW went up against Monday Night Football and two MLB playoff games, and Russo highlighted how WWE made a big mistake by cutting to commercial breaks right after match announcements or entrances.

"Bro, we have Ali and Mansoor's entrance, and then they say, 'Up next Ali and Mansoor vs. The Hurt Business', and they go to commercial break. Bro, who is coming back to watch that? That's how you go to commercial break? Are you kidding me? With the Red Sox, with Monday Night Football on, name me one person that's going to come back and watch that match. That's what I mean. Bro, you guys. I have no pity for you. No sympathy for you. You write this show like total idiots, bro. Up next, Ali and Mansoor vs. The Hurt Business. Thank god, bro, let me go watch the game. Like, really, bro, really?" stated Russo.

As noted by Vince Russo, Mansoor and Mustafa Ali made their entrance for their match against Hurt Business before RAW cut to a break.

While the timing of the commercial break itself is questionable, the unexciting nature of WWE's match cards would make it difficult for the company to retain viewers during nights of football.

The former WWE head writer explained that fans would prefer to watch football or baseball than come back for an underwhelming tag team match on RAW.

"By the time they get to the girls, nobody is watching this show" - Vince Russo on the booking of RAW

Vince Russo continued in the same vein and predicted a low rating for the latest episode of RAW.

Monday Night RAW is known to lose viewers during its laborious 3-hour runtime, and Vince Russo felt that WWE officials themselves don't seem to care about the product anymore.

"Okay, bro. We have that match. 'Up next Doudrop vs. Natalya,' commercial break! I'm like, bro if you didn't send me away the first time. Like, who is coming back to watch Doudrop and Natalya? Bro, you know what this rating is going to look like tomorrow? Do you have any idea? By the time they get to the girls, nobody is watching this show. Nobody bro! That's the reality. We're not kidding around. Bro, it's like, it's the old, 'There's nothing to see here.' There is really nothing to see here!" Vince Russo concluded.

As expected, WWE faced the consequences as RAW drew an average of 1.582 million viewers, the sixth-lowest figure in the show's history for this week's episode.

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