"It makes no sense"- Vince Russo highlights a major problem with Bianca Belair's ponytail (Exclusive)

Vince Russo explained a problem with Bianca Belair having a braid.
Vince Russo explained a problem with Bianca Belair having a braid.

Vince Russo revealed his biggest problem with Bianca Belair's ponytail during the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW with Dr. Chris Featherstone.

While Russo put Bianca Belair over as a 'blue-chip' athlete, the former WWE head writer couldn't understand the reasoning behind having a long braid in wrestling.

Vince Russo explained that despite the ponytail being a prominent part of Belair's character, the hair extension put her at a disadvantage during matches. Russo also noted how every opponent grabs the former SmackDown Women's champion's ponytail.

The former WWE personality added that Belair didn't need a gimmick to succeed as she was already an elite athlete.

Here's what Vince Russo highlighted about Bianca Belair's ponytail:

"Chris, I just have to ask you the simplest of questions. Okay? Bro, why would this woman have a ponytail five feet long when every opponent is going to grab her by the ponytail and swing her around the ring and use it against her. Charlotte must have grabbed that ponytail half a dozen times. It makes no sense," stated Russo.
"She doesn't need a gimmick and especially a gimmick that is going to work against her," Russo said, "To me, it doesn't make any sense because the first thing any opponent is going to do is grab that thing and twist this girl and drag her all across the ring. It doesn't make any sense, bro."

She is in that Naomi category: Vince Russo on Bianca Belair

Vince Russo continued to sing Belair's praises and put her in the same bracket as Naomi in terms of their pure athleticism.

Russo has been following Belair's work since her NXT run, and he has been thoroughly impressed with her rise in the WWE.

"And I think that this girl is such a blue-chipper, I mean, she is in that Naomi category. These women are blue-chip, world-class athletes. Bianca Belair, who I also saw at NXT before she made it to the WWE, and I was very, very, very impressed with her the first time I saw her. Bro, blue-chip athlete through and through," Vince Russo declared.

Bianca Belair's braid has become an essential component of her on-screen character.

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