Vince Russo says Vince McMahon could be booking Riddle badly as "punishment" for his off-screen issues (Exclusive)

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

On this week's Legion of RAW show, host Dr. Chris Featherstone had former WWE writer Vince Russo as his guest, and the two spoke about the WWE RAW after Survivor Series. One RAW Superstar that they discussed in detail is Riddle.

Chris spoke about the backstage segment between Riddle and MVP and the "business deals" that happened on WWE RAW. Russo said that Riddle's gimmick seems to be similar to what R-Truth portrays on WWE television.


Vince Russo on how Vince McMahon may be punishing Riddle on WWE RAW

Russo also said that Vince McMahon and WWE could be punishing Riddle for the sexual assault allegations that came to light earlier this year.

"I'm sitting here and I'm like 'Isn't this R-Truth's shtick?' Doesn't R-Truth play this... is Riddle an idiot now just because he says the word 'bro'? So now they've managed to make Riddle a complete, total idiot. And I thought R-Truth was the village idiot. Now we're going to have two village idiots? You've got a 74-year-old man (Vince McMahon) writing for somebody 40 years his junior who doesn't have a clue. Just doesn't have a clue. I like Riddle, he could be cool, he could be entertaining. You could definitely get kids to draw to him... very Darby Allin-ish, if you go that route with him. But to make him an idiot because he says 'bro'. So then again it's stuff like this that I got to really look back, I know Riddle's been in trouble, is this punishment for... You always have to ask yourself that with this company. There always seems to be some kind of motive because you can't be booking that badly. You can't."

Chris bemoaned the fact that such promos don't help build Superstars like Riddle to be the next WWE Champion and that it doesn't really make sense.

Russo revealed that Vince McMahon probably saw the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High back in the 80s, which could've inspired the direction of the "bro" gimmick for Riddle.

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