"He has got to speak up" - Former WWE personality says the company is setting Big E up to fail (Exclusive)

Is WWE doing enough with Big E's title reign from a booking standpoint?
Is WWE doing enough with Big E's title reign from a booking standpoint?

Big E is deservedly at the top of RAW as the WWE Champion, but is the company doing justice to the superstar's singles push? Vince Russo believes the WWE is setting him up to fail due to their recent creative decisions.

The former WWE writer spoke in detail about the issues plaguing Big E's ongoing run during this week's Legion of RAW episode with co-host Dr. Chris Featherstone.

Russo is familiar with how WWE operates behind the scenes and felt that Big E should stand up against officials regarding his booking. He also feared that the Powerhouse of Positivity could end up being another Drew McIntyre if the WWE isn't careful about how they present their world titleholder on TV:

"You are not putting him in a position to succeed, bro. You are not! I'm going to say it again. He has got to speak up. Because if he doesn't speak up, they are going to keep putting him in situations like that, and you know what you're going to have? You're going to have a Drew McIntyre. All over again, if he doesn't speak up," Russo explained.

Check out the episode of Legion of RAW in the video below:

Russo was not pleased with Big E being surrounded by mid-card talents such as Otis, Chad Gable and Austin Theory. He urged the reigning champion to speak up backstage.

Vince Russo's advice to Big E and other WWE talent

Vince Russo also spoke about why talent must not cave into WWE's demands. Russo stated that WWE superstars must put their messages across loud and clear instead of agreeing to every proposed plan.

Russo continued:

"That's what talent needs to understand. If they speak up, they're making a decision for management not that easy the next time. Now management knows, 'Well, shoot, he had a hard time with that. How is he going to feel when we book him to wrestle Otis next week? At least they are going to think about it. If you go along with everything they tell you, forget it, bro. You're going to be in there with the cameraman," added Russo.

WWE may certainly be under the microscope with some of the booking decisions they've made with regards to Big E's push. Where the WWE Champion goes from here will be interesting.

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