"I don't know why a woman would want to refer to herself as The Man" - Former WWE writer takes a shot at Becky Lynch (Exclusive)

Becky Lynch is the current RAW Women's Champion
Becky Lynch is the current RAW Women's Champion
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Former WWE head writer Vince Russo has questioned why WWE Superstar Becky Lynch chose the nickname 'The Man.'

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and Becky Lynch have been at loggerheads ever since the former claimed that "The Man" gimmick belonged to him. The 16-time World Champion has lashed out at Lynch on several occasions on social media for using 'The Man' moniker.

More recently, since Becky's return, WWE has been introducing her as Big Time Becks rather than The Man.

Speaking with Diamond Dallas Page and Dr. Chris Featherstone on The Bro Show, Vince Russo mentioned that he was confused as to why Becky wanted to call herself The Man. Russo also pointed out that 'The Man' gimmick was synonymous with Ric Flair.

Here's what Russo had to say about the situation:

"The first thing is, it wasn't that long ago we had this Women's Revolution. So I really have a hard time understanding with women wanting the equality of man, and whatnot, and the Women's Revolution, I don't know why a woman would want to refer to herself as 'The Man.' A woman should be proud that she's a woman. That's what the Women's Revolution was. The second thing was, it's a big blanket, The Man. However, bro, we're talking about respect here. Did Flair really come up with The Man? In wrestling, he really did. When you hear 'To be the man, you gotta beat the Man,' you know that's Flair." (from 24:45 onwards)

You can watch the full episode of The Bro Show here:

Becky Lynch will face another legend at Elimination Chamber

Big Time Becks will have her hands full at the Elimination Chamber when she goes up against WWE Hall of Famer Lita.

Since her surprising return at SummerSlam, Becky Lynch has managed to keep the gold around her waist at all times. However, she will be up for a unique challenge as she faces the legendary Lita at the Elimination Chamber. Lita was on RAW the night after the Rumble and challenged Lynch for a match at the premium live event emanating from Jeddah on February 19.

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