Virgil blasts WWE Legend for not checking up on him amid his health issues

Virgil served as Ted DiBiase's assistant in WWE.
Virgil served as Ted DiBiase's assistant in WWE.
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Saunak Nag

Former WWE Superstar Virgil slammed Ted DiBiase (aka Million Dollar Man) on social media for not checking up on him.

The 59-year-old debuted in WWE in 1987 as DiBiase's assistant and bodyguard. He had the job of carrying the Million Dollar Man's cash as the latter took immense pride in showing it off. Virgil used to face the consequences of his employer's actions on the show.

In 2020 an article surfaced online, accusing DiBiase of "curiously receiving" more than two million dollars from the Mississippi welfare system. The Mississippi Department of Human Services filed a lawsuit against the DiBiase family for the misuse of funds aimed at welfare. The report came to light last month.

Virgil recently tweeted the 2020 article exposing his former on-screen employer, who headlined the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010. He accused the Million Dollar Man of not being concerned about welfare as he didn't check on him during his health issues. Virgil recently suffered two strokes.

Here's what Virgil wrote about DiBiase:

I’m sitting here hurting hustling my ass off and this guy doesn’t even bother fucking calling me asking me how I am. I try to do my best and get laughed at all these years later yet I am the one who has to do my best to make a buck to help with my problems. What a life

Attorney Brad Pigott shares his thoughts on Ted DiBiase misusing government funds

A lawsuit was filed against the Million Dollar Man and 37 others after Nancy and Zach New pleaded guilty to misusing government funds. Attorney Brad Pigott, who filed the lawsuit, commented on the matter last month.

He said it's wrong to use funds aimed at the benefit of poor people for personal gains:

“I do not understand these people. What kind of person would decide that money the law required to be spent helping the poorest people in the poorest state would be better spent being doled out by them to their own families, their own pet projects, and their own favorite celebrities?”

The lawsuit seeks funds from three members of the family: Ted DiBiase Sr. ($1,971,223), Ted DiBiase Jr. ($2,897,487), and Brett DiBiase ($824,258).

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