[WATCH] Fan brought a "Marry Me Scarlett" sign at WWE live event; it didn't end well for him

Scarlett noticing the fan sign in question
Scarlett noticing the fan sign in question

Karrion Kross had an epic reaction to a WWE fan sign asking Scarlett to marry him at tonight's live event.

WWE presented a live event from Allentown tonight. The card featured a singles match between Butch and Karrion Kross. In the end, the former picked up a big win over Kross.

After Butch made his way to the back, Kross and Scarlett could be seen heading backstage as well. On the way, Scarlett noticed a fan sign that said, "Marry me Scarlett."

She took the fan sign and handed it over to Kross. The superstar didn't seem thrilled with the fan asking his wife to marry him and ripped it up in a hilarious visual.

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It has been over a year since Kross and Scarlett made their way back to World Wrestling Entertainment on an episode of SmackDown. The return saw Kross attacking veteran superstar Drew McIntyre and having a staredown with Roman Reigns.

Unfortunately, nothing came of the epic staredown, and Kross hasn't done much of note since then. He has his fair share of ardent fans who desperately want to see him get a well-deserved push on the main roster.

Has Kross impressed you over the past year?