[WATCH] R-Truth caught using WWE talent's possession to work at the company's headquarters

R-Truth returned to WWE at Survivor Series
R-Truth returned to WWE at Survivor Series

R-Truth is always seen putting a smile across his fans' faces with the antics he pulls off in WWE. Today, he walked into the WWE Headquarters with Matt Camp's access card to let him know that he had a lot of work to be done.

Truth made his return to WWE at the 2023 Survivor Series: WarGames Premium Live Event. He was seen in a backstage segment that involved the Alpha Academy and Pretty Deadly. The WWE Universe was sent into a frenzy when they saw the former 24/7 Champion on screen.

Since his return to WWE, Truth hasn't wrestled a match but has been around The Judgment Day. On this week's episode of WWE RAW, he was seen cheering the team of Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh on against the Creed Brothers. Now, it seems like he had a lot of work to be done as he headed into the WWE Headquarters with a bag and occupied a cubicle.

What did R-Truth do at Survivor Series this year?

The Survivor Series PLE marked the return of many WWE Superstars. CM Punk, Randy Orton, and R-Truth returned to the promotion after a long hiatus. Truth was seen backstage during a debate between Alpha Academy and Pretty Deadly over Ruffles. The American group called the snack chips, while the British group called it crisps.

During the argument, the bowl of Ruffles fell to the ground. Truth emerged to settle the argument talking about the tastiness of Ruffles. After the segment, fans saw him at ringside, popping to Jey Uso's move as the former Tag Team Champion got the crowd riled up moments before his WarGames match was underway.

R-Truth's return to WWE has gotten many fans talking and praising him. It looks like the WWE Universe has missed him immensely and is looking forward to seeing him more often on TV.

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