WCW legend reveals what Chris Benoit was like backstage - "I did consider him a friend" [Exclusive]

Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit
Modified 20 Jan 2021

WCW legend Konnan recently spoke about his friendship with Chris Benoit. Konnan also discussed what Benoit was like behind the scenes and about his experience wrestling Benoit.

Konnan is a Mexican pro wrestling legend. He's also wrestled for most major American promotions including WWE/WWF, WCW, and TNA/Impact Wrestling.

Former WCW United States Champion Konnan was a guest on this week's edition of SK Wrestling's UnSKripted. The topic of Chris Benoit came up during the interview, and Konnan, who had wrestled Benoit numerous times, gave his take on what Benoit was like in the ring and outside of it. Konnan spoke about wrestling Benoit and how he always wanted to give his all in a match. The WCW legend spoke about wrestling Benoit in Japan once, suggesting to Benoit that they take it a little easy on one night. This was an idea that Chris Benoit promptly rejected:

Well, I knew Benoit from very early on in my career from Canada, then I met him in Mexico and then I met him in WCW. So I'd known him a very long time. You know, when you were wrestling Benoit it was a war. I remember going to New Japan and bro, we literally beat the stuffing out of each other, like Japan style - slaps to the face, German suplex off the third, I mean we just beat each other up. The next day, whatever city we were in, I was like we might want to do 50% of that. He goes, 'oh no, we're going to have the exact same match'. I went like 'oh my god'. And you had to have it cause if not, he was going to make you have it. I got along with Benoit. I did consider him a friend.

Konnan in WCW

Konnan signed a full-time WCW contract in 1996 and went on to stay with the promotion until it's demise in 2001. During his run in WCW, Konnan won the WCW U.S. Championship and the WCW Television Championship. He was also a two-time WCW Tag Team Champion.

Konnan did not sign with WWE following the demise of WCW. He went on to sign for TNA Wrestling in 2003.

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Published 20 Jan 2021
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