"We all saw what happened in AEW" - Wrestling veteran thinks WWE could end up making the same mistake as Tony Khan did with Cody Rhodes (Exclusive)

Cody Rhodes left AEW for WWE in 2022
Cody Rhodes left AEW for WWE in 2022

Cody Rhodes has received a major push ever since returning to the WWE in 2022. He is one of the most popular babyfaces on the roster.

However, wrestling veteran Vince Russo is convinced that Rhodes is a heel and might end up in the same position as he did in AEW.

REIGNS. RHODES. WRESTLEMANIA.Can @CodyRhodes dethrone @WWERomanReigns this April at #WrestleMania or will the Head of the Table reign supreme?

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of Legion of RAW, Russo claimed that Rhodes is not a natural babyface and has heel-ish traits.

"Cody Rhodes is a heel. We all saw what happened in AEW for the same exact reason. Cody was the big babyface that started the company with The Young Bucks and what was the natural progression? The guy's not a natural babyface, bro, he's not. He's got every trait of a heel." said Vince Russo [5:36-6:07]

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Vince Russo briefly compared WWE star Cody Rhodes to Stone Cold Steve Austin

During the same conversation of Legion of RAW, Vince Russo explained how Cody Rhodes is different when compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin in terms of being a babyface.

The former WWE writer thinks that The American Nightmare is not a "common man". Russo said:

"Cody Rhodes is a heel, Cody Rhodes, bro, is not a babyface and I will explain to you, why. Chris can tell you better than anybody. Dusty Rhodes was the son of a plumber, he was of the people. Bro, when Cody Rhodes goes out there wearing an expensive suit and he is talking over the heads of a lot of people, that is not common man, bro. Bro, let me break it down to you in simple terms. I don't think Steve Austin talked over anybody's head, I think Steve Austin told you exactly what he felt, exactly what he was gonna do, he didn't use big words, he wasn't over dramatic,"
- Career retrospective.- Mission statement.- Emotions.@CodyRhodes's promo to kick off #WWERaw was AMAZING. #WWE

Rhodes will be challenging Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39.

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