"We are talking about effort" - Former WWE writer surprisingly praises Triple H and his creative team for the first half of RAW 30 (Exclusive)

RAW 30 featured DX, Bloodline, and other top stars
RAW 30 featured DX, Bloodline, and other top stars

Vince Russo was quite impressed with the effort WWE put in for RAW 30. On Monday, he even live-tweeted regarding the show.

The historic RAW 30 episode started with The Trial of Sami Zayn and featured top names, including Roman Reigns. Other big names were also involved in the first half of the show.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's latest edition of Legion of RAW, Russo mentioned that WWE is well capable of putting together good shows once they start showing effort.

"I tweeted out, when we were at the midway point. Here it's 7.30, on the East Coast it would've been 9.30. The first hour and a half, the WWE blew it out of the water. This show was great for the first hour and a half, which showed me and told me, bro, they can do it if they want to do it. Because what are we talking about here? We are talking about effort. The effort was there."

In continuation, Russo mentioned that there is always room for improvement for WWE. Hence, he is mostly critical of the modern-day product.

"The effort was there, so everybody that gets pi**ed at me when I bury the show because I'm saying, they can do better and unless you force them to do better. They're just going to phone it in every week. They showed you tonight, what they are capable of doing and I put it over," added Vince Russo. [17:49-19:24]

Watch the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Legion of RAW:


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Vince Russo felt that WWE lost momentum in the third hour of RAW 30

In continuation of the same conversation, Vince Russo claimed that WWE lost the RAW 30 momentum in the third hour.

Russo was highly impressed with the start of the show but thought that the creative lost the plot in the final few segments.

"Bro, the first two hours were solid. I think they threw away the third hour. I mean, the first two hours were very, the last hour they lost. We'll get into that. I thought this Bloodline trial was very very solid," said Vince Russo. [19:25-19:45]
By the time @WWE RAW got to hour 3 last night, they lost 600K viewers from hour 1. Bro-all you had to do was shoot a Pick-Up Truck pulling up between hours 2-3 and keep going back to it. That would have held some of the audience. REAL SIMPLE. Come on, you KAYE-FABED YOURSELVES!!!

RAW 30 was headlined by Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory, who successfully defended the United States Championship over the former.

The show's ending saw Brock Lesnar return, as he hit an F-5 on both Lashley and Theory.

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