Wes Lee's North American Championship Open Challenge canceled due to chaos

Wes Lee
Wes Lee has been a fighting North American Champion

Wes Lee's NXT North American Championship match was canceled due to the chaos that ensued during the show.

Ever since winning the North American Championship, Wes Lee has been on a roll. He has proven himself to be a fighting champion and has won every title defense.

Over the past several weeks, Lee has been on a mission to prove himself by issuing an open challenge for the NXT North American Championship every week. Last week, Nathan Frazer accepted the open challenge but still lost to Lee.

Following the match, Axiom promised to accept the open challenge this week. Before the show could begin, Axiom told Lee that he was going to follow him everywhere he went this week.

However, just like last week, chaos ensued before the match could begin as several NXT stars were fighting backstage to get to Lee. Just when it looked like Axiom had broken through the lot of wrestlers, Scrypts came out of nowhere and took him out.

Following that, JD McDonagh attacked Lee from behind, but he was soon attacked by Ilja Dragunov and they both continued their brawl from earlier in the night.

Wes Lee, who appeared to have had enough, dove onto all the stars on the outside and the brawl continued as the match was canceled.

We will have to wait and see whether Lee continues to issue open challenges after what transpired this week.

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