"There were no hard feelings" - Westin Blake clarifies that a former WWE star was not trying to hurt his career (Exclusive)

Wesley Blake had a 8-year career in WWE.
Wesley Blake had a 8-year career in WWE.

Former WWE star Westin Blake, fka Wesley, opened up about his relationship with Jaxson Ryker while speaking on various topics on this week's episode of UnSKripted.

Jaxon Ryker was the leader of the Forgotten Sons stable featuring Blake and Steve Cutler, and the trio enjoyed a decent spell in the WWE until Ryker's questionable tweet about Donald Trump.

The former NXT star attracted a lot of backstage heat for his social media activities, leading to WWE pulling the plug on the faction's run. Blake recalled how Ryker immediately contacted him and Cutler to apologize for his actions.

"Well, I never like to see anyone lose their job for any type of reason, you know. What happened with us and Ryker and everything like that, you know, that's a separate thing; seeing Ryker go off and do stuff with Elias when the whole incident happened, Ryker called Steve and myself and immediately apologized," revealed Westin Blake. (16:20 - 16:50)

Ryker unknowingly pulled his stablemates into a real-life controversy, and he had no intentions of negatively affecting Cutler and Blake's careers.

The creative team eventually split the group and booked them into different storylines, as Blake and Cutler aligned with Baron Corbin while Jaxon Ryker started an angle with Elias.

"He said he did not mean to drag us into this and stuff like that, and he continued to apologize when the incident happened. He was in no way trying to hurt our careers," noted Blake. "So there were no hard feelings when we split up, when we went our separate ways when we went with Corbin, and he went with Elias." (16:51 - 17:17)

Westin Blake reached out to Jaxson Ryker after the latter's WWE release

Blake was released from Vince McMahon's company in April 2021, and Ryker stayed on for a few more months until his exit in November.

The 34-year-old superstar revealed that he even sent a reassuring message to Ryker and stated that the former IMPACT Wrestling star seemed to be in the right frame of mind as he awaited free agency.

"When he did get released, I did shoot him a message, you know, saying that everything is going to be alright, that he will come out on the other side and stuff like that," added Westin. "So, he seemed to be in a good mindset when he did get released." (17:18 - 17:38)

Westin Blake also spoke about his final WWE storyline with Corbin and revealed why the company dropped several creative plans for their alliance. You can read more on that right here.

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