"What the f*ck is going on with this" - Veteran questions "racist" connotations in recent WWE segment

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This segment took place on WWE SmackDown

A veteran recently questioned "racist" connotations used in a recent WWE segment involving a current champion.

Jim Cornette recently opened up about the way Asuka's WWE gimmick was presented during her recent segment on the Grayson Waller Effect. During the segment, Waller interviewed Asuka who responded in Japanese.

She was interrupted by IYO SKY and the two women had a screaming match in the ring before they were interrupted by other women, who were in contention for the MITB ladder match. The segment ended after a brawl broke out between all the women.

Jim Cornette questioned whether WWE was being racist in asking Asuka to act a certain way, during his Jim Cornette Experience podcast.

“How is this not on somebody’s radar as stereotypical or even downright racist to the Japanese people the way that she [Asuka] is, I don't know, told to act or encouraged to act or written for to act or what the f**k. It’s like she’s grunting and squealing and trying to s**t when she’s impacted and it sounds like the bad ‘60s Godzilla movies dubbed over. What the f**k is going on with this…..they’re screaming and sticking their tongues out at each other when IYO SKY comes out and acting like they’re about to throw up.” [0:44 - 1:42]

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What did IYO SKY say to Asuka in Japanese during the same WWE segment?

During the same segment, when IYO SKY came out to the ring, she spoke to Asuka in Japanese. Many of the people who don't understand Japanese wouldn't have understood what was said during the segment.

Here's what IYO said in Japanese while she was walking to the ring:

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Miss Asuka! You sure are getting way too cocky! I win at Money in the Bank, I will challenge for that title. IYO SKY will become the NEW CHAMPION. So best regards!"

IYO SKY will get a chance to qualify for the Women's Money in the Bank ladder match if she is able to win her qualifying match against Shotzi.

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