What happens if you call the number shown during the Bray Wyatt segment on WWE SmackDown?

A phone number flashed during Bray Wyatt
A phone number flashed during Bray Wyatt's segment on WWE SmackDown

Former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt could be hiding a dark secret. That is what seems to be insinuated when one calls the phone number that flashed on the screen on the latest episode of SmackDown.

On WWE SmackDown, Bray Wyatt cut a promo and made it clear that he didn't attack LA Knight last week. This led to Uncle Howdy appearing on the titantron. Howdy stated that Wyatt was lying and urged fans to "wake up."

A phone number flashed during the Uncle Howdy segment, leaving viewers curious. If one calls the number in question, one will get a statement from what seems like a medical professional.

The message states that the patient (seemingly referring to the Eater of Worlds) suffers from "delusions of grandeur," and it is the "most extreme incident" that the professional has experienced.

"Patient suffers from delusions of grandeur, perhaps the most extreme incidence I’ve encountered. Concerns that no regime or treatment will be able to counteract the imbalance of pattern in the patient’s psyche. Prone to disorganized thought patterns that communicate a sense of unmatched importance. Bouts of isolation has seems to have amplified their inner monologue and honestly blocked out any outside voice."

The voice further states that the patient's condition is concerning. The mysterious voice adds that the patient could be a danger to those around them.

"In short, the patient would need to think as highly of a medical practitioner as they do themselves and honestly that seems to border on the impossible. I’ve become concerned that this patient has become such a danger to themselves and anyone that they encounter that… Hello? Hello? Is someone there? Hello? I…" [H/T WrestleTalk]
If u callThe Nummber from Uncle Howdy u get this:@CWrestlingUK

Shortly after, LA Knight took a shot at Bray Wyatt in a backstage interview

After Bray Wyatt and Howdy's segment came to a close, WWE backstage personality Megan Morant interviewed LA Knight backstage.

Knight said that he wasn't able to enjoy Thanksgiving this year due to being "pulled out from under a pile of Bray."

Knight further stated that Wyatt didn't face any consequences for his actions. He finished his comments by adding that he would be the one to show the former Universal Champion the consequences of his actions if he weren't injured.

Later in the night, LA Knight was attacked once again, seemingly by Bray Wyatt. In what has become a captivating part of SmackDown, it remains to be seen how this feud will pan out.

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