Who is Paige? Meet Bronson Reed's wife who made an appearance on WWE NXT

Bronson Reed and Paige celebrating his title win on NXT
Bronson Reed and Paige celebrating his title win on NXT

Bronson Reed's wife, Paige, first appeared on WWE television when she made a special appearance when he won his first North American Championship. He returned to WWE in December last year following his release in 2021.

Reed surprised the wrestling fraternity when he returned and launched a vicious attack on Dexter Lumis during his β€œWinner Takes All” ladder match against The Miz. He defeated Dolph Ziggler this week to earn a spot in the men's Elimination Chamber match for the United States Championship.

During a Sportskeeda Exclusive, Reed cited the support he garnered from his high school sweetheart during his nearly 14-year wrestling journey before making it to NXT.

"Sometimes in this business, you can be unsure of yourself. You know, you can doubt yourself. 14 years I've had that journeyman career where I went from the independents, to Japan, to wherever I could to try and get to here [WWE]."

He added:

"And you do have detractors that say, 'Hey, maybe you should look at a different career path. Maybe it won't happen.' And luckily for me, my wife was the one that pushed me towards sticking to my guns and getting what I want from life. And it means a lot to me that she's done that." stated Reed on his wife, Paige.

While most stars tend to keep their family and personal matters at bay from their professional workplace, it is not uncommon for them to be ringside in celebration of their victories.

Following his WWE departure in 2021, Bronson Reed had a stint with IMPACT Wrestling for six months.

Bronson Reed has a tattoo dedicated to Paige

Many superstars have taken to adorning themselves with tattoos pertaining to close family, friends, events, or dates in their careers. While Bronson Reed is no stranger to tattoos, he has Paige's name on his chest.

However, given his wife's name being synonymous with that of former WWE Superstar Paige (now known as Saraya), the 34-year-old was met with a lot of confusion and queries from the backstage administration.

During one instance, he recalled John Laurinaitis approaching him with a request to cover up his chest tattoo to avoid confusion among fans that he may be romantically involved with the former Anti-Diva.

"Laurinaitis mentioned about my tattoo, maybe needing to cover that up, which is pretty silly," he revealed... "I think because my wife is named Paige β€” obviously there's then the WWE talent named Paige β€” maybe that's something." [H/T Sportster]
Reed has his wife's name tattooed across the left side of his chest
Reed has his wife's name tattooed across the left side of his chest

Many stars often have to juggle real life with their work in the ring. However, talents like Bronson Reed seem to balance it smoothly without any hiccups.

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