"If you ask Mark straight up" โ€“ Who would have The Undertaker picked to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame? (Exclusive)

The 56-year-old legend is the headline inductee of the WWE HOF Class of 2022.
The 56-year-old legend is the headline inductee of the WWE HOF Class of 2022.

During his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Vince McMahon revealed he'll be the one to induct The Undertaker into the WWE Hall of Fame in a few weeks.

Dutch Mantell reacted to the announcement on this week's Smack Talk and said that even The Undertaker would've wanted the WWE Chairman to do the honors.

Mantell shares a close relationship with The Undertaker as he mentored and managed The Deadman during the WWE icon's early career.

Like most wrestling fans, even Dutch Mantell is eager to hear McMahon's speech to celebrate the legendary superstar's contributions to professional wrestling:

"I think a lot of people are interested in what Vince is going to say. I don't even know what he's going to say, but whatever it is, it's going to be interesting, and you know, I think probably, if you ask Mark straight up, 'who do you want to induct you?' I think he would've said Vince anyway. So, that's their tribute to both of them. I like that." (6:15 to 4:42)

Dutch Mantell says Vince McMahon considers The Undertaker a "personal friend"

The former WWE manager said Vince McMahon was always his first pick to induct The Phenom. He also reacted to rumors of Vince McMahon allegedly hating the public spotlight as he always refrained from joining Hall of Fame ceremonies.

Mantell stressed that The Undertaker's induction is an extra special occasion deserving the best treatment. It doesn't get any bigger than Vince McMahon himself welcoming a superstar into the WWE HOF:

"Well, he was my first pick. I think that Vince would induct him (The Undertaker) into the Hall of Fame. They said, 'oh, Vince, he likes to stay in the back and doesn't want to be out there.' But this is different because I think he considers Mark a friend, a personal friend. I think it's an honor for Mark that he is going to have Vince induct him, and it's a tribute to Vince that Vince is willing to do it." (5:40 to 6:14)

WWE Hall of Fame 2022 will take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, on April 1, one night before the company's two-day WrestleMania event.

Contrary to speculation, 'Taker won't be the only inductee into this year's class as WWE will be announcing more names soon. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda Wrestling for all Hall of Fame updates.

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