'With the right manager, he could have had different results in WWE' - Eric Bischoff praises released 3-Time Tag Team Champion (Exclusive)

SmackDown Tag Team title belt and Eric Bischoff.
SmackDown Tag Team title belt and Eric Bischoff.
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Eric Bischoff sat down for an exclusive interview with SK Wrestling's Riju Dasgupta, and the former WWE personality was asked about his thoughts regarding managers in pro wrestling.

Managers tend to make the wrestlers look better, and Eric Bischoff, who also has his own podcast '83 Weeks' on, spoke about the talent that could use a spokesperson.

Bischoff went on to talk about his experiences of working with Erick Rowan during his stint as the Executive Director of SmackDown. Bischoff felt that Rowan showed a lot of promise, and if given the time, the former Wyatt Family member could have been a great worker on the microphone in WWE.

Bischoff worked closely with Rowan on a few occasions, and he was impressed with the Superstar's willingness to listen and learn.

"Erick Rowan was somebody who I thought had a lot of potential when I was in WWE. And Erick could have developed a great promo. I worked with him, you know, a few times, maybe three or four times, helping him work on his promo, you know, right before he went out on a live show, and he listened very carefully, and he processed everything very carefully. He really focused and put a lot of thought into it."

Erick Rowan is just one; there are many: Eric Bischoff on the WWE talent that could have been bigger with a manager

Bischoff noted that Rowan focused on absorbing what was told to him, and he had all the tools to be a better performer. Eric Bischoff added that Rowan would have ideally produced different results in WWE if he had the right manager.

"To me, when I see somebody who really focuses and listens and tries to process and absorb the information, you know, that's a big part of it. You know, you would want to do it, just like anything else in life. If you don't have a strong desire to do it, you don't really want to it; you're really not going to focus on it. Erick did. Erick Rowan did, and I think he would have been one person that I think, with the right manager, possibly, could have had different results in WWE. Erick Rowan is just one. There are many. It takes a long time."

Erick Rowan was released from WWE in April 2020, and he has since made a one-off appearance for AEW. Do you agree with Eric Bischoff's assessment of Erick Rowan?

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