Wrestling legend speculates on Becky Lynch's potential hiatus; claims family could take priority over career

Becky Lynch lost the Women
Becky Lynch lost the Women's World Championship in Saudi Arabia

WWE star Becky Lynch could well be on her way out of the company. Former WCW President Eric Bischoff recently shared his thoughts on Becky's contract status.

Becky was the Women's World Champion walking into King and Queen of the Ring. However, Liv Morgan caused a major upset and dethroned her at the premium live event. Liv then retained the title during their rematch on RAW the following Monday.

During a recent clip from 83 Weeks, Bischoff noted that both Seth and Becky traveled with their daughter as often as possible. But as parents, they still may still want some quiet time with the family. The former WCW President claimed he could see Becky taking time off to spend more quality time at home. He pointed out that The Man was a megastar and would not have any trouble negotiating a new contract with WWE once she was ready to return.

"I know that they travel. Becky and Seth get to travel with their child. So that makes it easier but there still a part of your life and part of your child's childhood that you kind of don't want to miss. being on the road, you're gonna miss some of that, even if you're together. So, it wouldn't surprise me a bit. And I think you're absolutely 100 percent on the money. I think the relationship is there and Becky's star status is firmly entrenched. So she can afford to step away for three, four, or five months or six months or a year because guess what will happen when she's gone? Anticipation. Absence makes the heart grow fonder." [5:43 - 6:29]

Becky Lynch shared a message with the fans

This week on RAW, Becky Lynch was emotional after her match against Liv. She gradually walked out of the ring and showed her gratitude to the fans. The star was greeted with chants of "Thank you Becky" as she left the ring.

She took to social media to share a message with the fans. The post featured a picture of Lynch walking out of the arena with the caption: "To be continued."

This post seems indicative of the fact that Becky Lynch's story in WWE still has more chapters to go. However, it will be interesting to see whether she shows up again next week or goes on a short hiatus.

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