WWE brings back Fit Finlay as a producer for NXT

WWE has brought back another furloughed employee as Fit Finlay is now a producer for NXT.
WWE has brought back another furloughed employee as Fit Finlay is now a producer for NXT.
Matt Black

It seems like WWE has been bringing back a lot of their furloughed employees as of late. Earlier today, it was revealed that "The Hurricane" Shane Helms was back in his producer role with the company and was present at both Survivor Series and Monday Night RAW. Now, NXT has gained backstage stage.

Well, Helms isn't the only former producer to be brought back as of late. Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that Fit Finlay has recently been brought back for NXT.

He is said to have worked as producer at the Capitol Wrestling Center for this evening's edition of WWE NXT. According to Johnson, Finlay's return to the company happened within "the last week or so."

Is Fit Finlay in NXT to work with the impressive women's division?

Finlay, even before his in-ring career was finished, did a lot behind the scenes at the WWE to help the rest of the roster. He particularly helped the women learn their craft and improve their work inside the ring.

Back in February, NXT producer Finlay was on an episode of WWE's online talk show "The Bump" to discuss what he was able to do to help the company's women's division move forward.

"Well, it first started when I came to WWE in 2001-2002, as a producer. I was given the task of working with the girls. I think it might have been a bit of a rib at first. As you know, during those years it was all bra and panties, lingerie matches, mud bath. Whatever gimmick type of match it was, I had to work with the girls. It was sort of embarrassing for me, I knew it was not what the girls wanted. I started teaching them how to wrestle and got them all together and said 'Hey, I don't really like to do this. I don't really like to tell you how to strip yourselves off in a match. It's alien to me for one, and it's degrading for you.'
"So, we sorta came up with a plan to start putting on wrestling matches and teaching them all the ins and outs. I would get my wrists slapped every now and then from certain people, would say 'We don't want the girls wrestling like the guys. We want them pulling hair and all that stuff.' So, I would go back to pulling hair for a day and then go back to wrestling. So, it stubbornly grew through the years, it started getting better. But, all the girls put everything into it. They listened to me. I didn't have any resistance towards from them, so, it's all down to them it's just a little bit of a change of direction I helped them with, they all pulled it out and...success."

As good as the women's division is in WWE NXT right now, the NXT Superstars can only benefit from working with Finlay as their producer going forward.

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